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1993 – ???

Mildred1Mildred had been found and handed to the SPA(SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS) while she did not have 2 months, and was not weaned yet. Nobody knew her story before it. She was not clean at all, and relieved wherever. She could be very affectionate, and any second now become very aggressive.

Claire and Momo tried well to make her go out, but she did not want to stay outside if one hooman was not with her. In view of the difficulties of behavior met with her, the hoomans inquired to the SPA(SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS), and then learnt her sad story. They understood that she needed a home where she could reach outside directly, and where there was always somebody home.
That was real heartbreak to part from her after 6 months ; but Mildred had to find a family with a lifestyle and a housing environment which suits better at her particular needs. She was finally able to be welcomed by a couple of stay-at-home retired people with terrace and garden directly reachable, for the biggest happiness of all.
Some anecdotes :Mildred2

  • In her moments of madness, Mildred attacked the big carpet of the lounge and crawled below, in spite of the weight of the furniture in position.
  • Mildred split in short the stalks of a philodendron which rose up to the ceiling : Claire and Momo took a moment to understand why their plant decayed.