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avril 2008 – juillet 2010


Céleste, sister of litter of Loupi, was a pure product of the farm nearby in the village. Endowed with an imperious and well dipped character, she led her world as she understood it. She adored Momo, who did it as well.


Céleste showed her disapproval or her contrariety by pissing in a frank and assumed way in strategic places as the sofa, the sleeping bag, or the basket of clean laundry. She made the law in the garden and in the surroundings, and did not hesitate to attack any animal intruder, even bigger than her. At the same time, she showed itself wild with all the hoomans, and let herself not either cuddle, or catch outside of the house. In the big nearby meadow, she was the queen : the herd of 40 cows which arrived had to by-pass Her Majesty ; Céleste found so very funny to play with the tail of both horses.

Celeste15 - Version 2


Claire and Momo think that her audacity cost her the life : summer night, they were woken by the noise and the shouts resulting from a serious fight between several animals among which foxes. The following morning, Céleste had disappeared. After several weeks of search, it was necessary to face the facts : the chances to find her were more and more thin…

Some anecdotes:


  • Céleste’s favorite activity between 4 and 6 months was the climbing of curtains to be able to catch the flies on windows.
  • Céleste must be twice sterilized : a first Celeste16 peration took place in October, 2008. In February, 2009, she showed herself totally indecent, and was the captain of the huge brothel that had become the garden. Momo claimed that her modest origins could explain her behavior, but Claire believed only half in his story of feline social class. Céleste began then to be very affectionate, and took a little of stoutness : in spite of the denials of Momo, Claire had severe doubts. A visit at the veterinarian revealed that a tiny small piece of ovary had not been removed, and it was enough so that the ball of hormones start again at the cat. Céleste, sterilized cat, was pregnant… The veterinarian redid as a matter of rgency a complete operation at his expenses, and it was so much the better : one of the two foetus had died and the other one in poor condition, what would have been worth dangerous complications for Céleste during the kindling.
  • One day of big contrariety, Céleste showed the total control which she had on her bladder by releasing in a targeted way a jet of urine in each of five washing baskets of the laundry. She acts so quickly as dazed Claire was not then possible that do five washing….