Bye bye MailChimp

I meditated a lot on the question with Claire, but also without her :

After some intense meditation sessions, I made the following decision : bye bye MailChimp !

After several years, we’ll leave MailChimp to send our new articles on August 1st ; indeed, a tool on our site allows us to do the same thing (with a simpler design, certainly), and we don’t need all the other features of MailChimp that we’ve never used.

What about your data (email addresses) ? They will be deleted by us before closing the account ; moreover, once a MailChimp account is deleted, all account data is deleted and cannot be recovered. (source : MailChimp).

If you want to continue to receive our news in your mailboxes, just check the corresponding box by leaving a comment ; you can also always continue to follow us with your WordPress account if you have one.

If you have a blog, do you use a third-party tool to inform your readers of your new posts, or do you use a tool already built into your platform ?

Happy Easter !

It’s been a long time since we gave you any news : too much to do, and not enough time… But we’re fine !

Shortly said :
The work on the house is finally coming to an end. We have shutters, concrete paths, a terrace, and our fence is in its place again : no need of tunnel to access the garden ! All that’s missing is the balcony railings.

We made a point of being very picky eaters and were able to give twenty cans of wet food to our favorite shelter.

Finally, Pixie turned 8 in March.

We wish you a happy Easter !