Respect Your Cat Day, really ?

In the United States, March 28 is National Respect Your Cat Day.

I can only regret that this day is not celebrated as it should be in Europe and Switzerland : today, here, it’s Daylight Savings Day, the weekend during which you get one hour of napping stolen between Saturday and Sunday !

I therefore express my reprobation on the bed, symbolic high place of rest and other little naps.

Seven years, the age of reason, really ?

It looks like that 7 years is the age of reason ; I’m delighted to know this, but I’m not sure that I became very reasonable on Tuesday 16 March when I officially reached that age.

I had a great birthday day, but rather indoors: indeed, after a spring month of February, we’re living a winter month of March, and I prefer to keep my footsies warm !

Farewell Genji

We were very sad to hear yesterday that our friend Genji, Genji des Rêves d’Aton, the magnificent blue prince of the Poupounette Gang, got his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Those who came before, including Bibi, were surely there to welcome him.

All our thoughts go to Ollie, Tama, Hotesse, Violette, Vidock, Héloïse, and #1.

Fly free, Genji, until we meet again…