Fall break

Claire and Momo are on holiday this week, and they are taking advantage of it to prepare the garden for winter, to do some small work in the house, and to walk around as the weather is beautiful (except today, it’s raining…).

Do you see that little green train up there ? It goes down from Leysin, further up the mountain.

The harvest is coming to an end, and the vineyard adorns itself with golden colours.

The little train has reached us, it will continue to Aigle that we see in the distance.

Their walk of the day will also bring Claire and Momo to Aigle, and we don’t resist the pleasure of showing you our favorite castle for the umpteenth time.

Claws story

Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, we regularly walk on rough surfaces, which regularly wears out our claws. Claire doesn’t clip them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little maintenance. Our favorite trunk is ideal for a good pawdicure.

In an indoor cat or an elderly cat, it’s important to trim the claws regularly, because they don’t wear out so quickly. In fact, too long claws can cause discomfort or embarrassment (the cat clings everywhere while walking), or even painful infections if the claws become long enough to grow into the paw pad.

iCatCare shows you how to do it :

One last thing : don’t declaw your cat !!

Our claws are essential to our cat life : they allow us to mark our territory, to defend ourselves, to hunt, to climb, we need them. Onychectomy is barbaric and cruel, and most countries prohibit this practice.

Unfortunately, it’s still allowed in some countries like USA or Canada : however, attitudes are slowly changing. If you want to help cats keep their claws and put an end to these useless mutilations, you can support The Paw Project which is fighting for the abolition of this practice.

Visit to Aquatis

A few weeks ago, our humans went to visit Aquatis.

Aquatis is the largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium in Europe, and is located in Lausanne, 40 kilometres from us.

Aquatis presents 5 biozones and 12 natural environments from all over the world ; the visitor discovers different freshwater ecosystems from all continents along the route, and is aware of their specificity and fragility, which must absolutely be preserved.

Let us introduce you to some Aquatis tenants :