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A summer from hell for my 10th birthday

Since June, we’ve been experiencing hot temperatures and a terrible drought, as has the rest of Europe.

The grass is completely dry, some trees have lost their leaves, the fire risk is at its highest level in weeks, and there are water restrictions everywhere.

It’s in these extreme conditions that I’m going to celebrate my 10th birthday.

You’re all invited ! For the reasons I just mentioned, there will be no barbecue ; the party will start inside, in the cool. Several tiled spaces equipped for a nap will be available.

We will then go out at nightfall, when the temperatures are more bearable, to continue the festivities in the garden. Come join us !

Yay for spring !

The temperatures are milder, and small signs here and there don’t deceive: it’s spring !

I turned 8 last Wednesday, March 16, a few days before my friend Summer. I really appreciated the treats I got on that occasion.

We have not yet daylight savings here, it will be for the next weekend ; we’re not looking forward to losing one hour of sleep !

Happy birthday, Claire !

PIXIE : Zorro ! It’s Claire’s birthday today ! What could we possibly offer her ?

ZORRO : Our cuteness, Pixie, our cuteness…

The nice cards from the Cat Writers’ Association and our pals Da Nelly and Da Phenny, as well as all the messages that arrive, make her very happy and make her day even more beautiful, thank you furriends !