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Back to school

PIXIE : Back to school was today, and everything went well. Claire can tell us that it’s not carnival, we don’t believe a word of it : teachers are all masked !

ZORRO : She was so absorbed in preparing for this new school year that she forgot my birthday : on August 15, I turned 8 !

For this time, I don’t blame her : after all, this is her first back to school as principal, she had the right to be a little distracted. But this should not be repeated !

Happy birthday Pixie !

Buds are starting to bloom and temperatures are getting softer : it smells like spring !

It also means that… it’s my birthday !

I’m 6 today !

I received this beautiful card from Timmy, Miss Fitz, Rumpy, Einstein and their angels :

In these gloomy times, nothing like rolling on the ground in the sun to keep morale up !