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End of summer

After a well-deserved vacation, our humans have resumed their work path. It’s still summer, but without heat waves, which is very nice. We’re enjoying beautiful days in the garden.

Claire and Momo take a walk on the weekend, as usual, and one of their walks took them to this superb castle that you have certainly already seen on our blog : the castle of Aigle. Isn’t it beautiful in his vineyard ?

Very hot, too hot

I don’t know how long this will last, but it’s hot again, very hot, too hot here : 34, 36, 38 C (93, 97, 100 F) ! For those of you who live in the southern United States or Australia, this may not be unusual, but for us it’s unbearable..

It is too hot, humid, and the air conditioning of houses or apartments is very rare. So we implement the advice we’ve given you here to protect us from the heat, and set an example for our humans to do the same : hydrate, cool, stay cool, and avoid unnecessary effort.

They respect our advice : yesterday, for example, we had a visit from Grandpa (Claire’s dad) ; after eating, they quietly stayed inside to play cards.

Do you also have these increasingly frequent heat waves ? Or has it been common for you for a long time ?

PS : we’re glad to know that our friend Marg is OK and has nothing broken after her fall on her back yesterday. We send her tons of healing purrs. Get well soon, Marg !

How to protect your cat from the heat ?

It’s gonna be hot there ! MeteoSwiss announces a heat wave for the whole of next week : temperatures will exceed 30 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night.

Although we can handle heat better than dogs, we also suffer when it’s too hot. We cannot lower our body temperature by sweating like a human, because we only sweat from paw pads, which is not enough. In the worst case scenario, we can even have a dangerous heat stroke.

The tips that apply to humans are the same for cats : stay cool and hydrated.

How to protect your cat from the heat ?

Here are a few simple things to do :

  • If possible, encourage your cat to chill inside the house.
  • Close windows and shutters to prevent heat from entering the house too much.
  • Turn on air conditioning if you have one (not too cold!).
  • Pet your cat with a damp washcloth.
  • Encourage your cat to drink and play with water : put an ice cube in his water bowl, place toys in a water basin, place water bowls in different places where your cat likes to rest, if possible in the shade.
  • Offer your cat a cooling mat : you can find some in pet stores, or put gel pockets you place in the freezer under his favourite blanket (folded in two or four).

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