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Back from Interim

We disappeared from the blogosphere some time ago because we were travelling : Claire came back from Interim, and we accompanied her.

She left as School Dean in February, and on July 1, she came back as School Principal. As we already told you, we still don’t know where Interim is, but some funny things are happening over there !

A school year-end is always very busy, but there, with COVID, the change of part of the management team, and her promotion, it was very, very, very, very, very busy.

We focused on refreshing activities for Claire, away from the computer :
– rest

– walks

Aigle depuis les vignes
quais de Montreux-Veytaux

– relaxation in the garden

We are delighted that she’s soon on holiday and that we can visit you again !

Let’s talk about money

You are amazing ! The result of my commentathon : 67 CHF to give to my favorite shelter !

Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Cathy Keisha asked us in her comment : is a CHF anything like a green paper in another color ?

Yes, it is. CHF is the acronym for Swiss franc, the currency of Switzerland. We have coins, and we have papers in several colors.

According to M. Internet, 1 CHF = 1,4 CAD = 1 USD = 0,9 EUR = 1,5 AUD = 1,6 NZD aujourd’hui.

Here are the coins :

Swiss coins
MadGeographer / Public domain

And the banknotes :

The average salary is 6000 CHF in Switzerland, but the cost of living is one of the highest in the world. You’ll find here how far 6000 francs really get you.

Sources images :
1000 – 50 – 20 : Manuela Pfrunder, Swiss National Bank / Public domain
200 – 100 – 10 : Schweizer Nationalbank / Public domain

Back to school (COVID style)

Schools are reopening this Monday in Switzerland, so Claire and the leadership team spent the week organizing all this in collaboration with the police, local authorities, and school staff.

In the canton of Vaud, the return will be done by half-class ; students will go to school every other day. The rules of social distancing must be respected between adults, and between adults and children. There are pages and pages that detail how to comply with health measures at school, and it will have to be done in one way or another.

The Federal Council published a video for children in all national languages, as well as in English :


I am still confined as you can see, but I will watch carefully how it goes !