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Visit to Aquatis

A few weeks ago, our humans went to visit Aquatis.

Aquatis is the largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium in Europe, and is located in Lausanne, 40 kilometres from us.

Aquatis presents 5 biozones and 12 natural environments from all over the world ; the visitor discovers different freshwater ecosystems from all continents along the route, and is aware of their specificity and fragility, which must absolutely be preserved.

Let us introduce you to some Aquatis tenants :

End of summer

After a well-deserved vacation, our humans have resumed their work path. It’s still summer, but without heat waves, which is very nice. We’re enjoying beautiful days in the garden.

Claire and Momo take a walk on the weekend, as usual, and one of their walks took them to this superb castle that you have certainly already seen on our blog : the castle of Aigle. Isn’t it beautiful in his vineyard ?

Trip in Switzerland : Lucerne and Swiss Museum of Transport

Today we are taking you to Lucerne. Switzerland Tourism says :

Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland, sited on Lake Lucerne, is embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama. Thanks to its attractions, its souvenir and watch shops, the beautiful lakeside setting and the nearby excursion mountains of the Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn, the town is a destination for many travel groups and individuals on their journey through central Switzerland.

Source : myswitzerland.com

Lucerne is truly a beautiful city. The main entrance to the train station gives an idea of the architectural wonders that can be seen there.

Our humans first visited the Swiss Museum of Transport, where they saw different means of transport from all eras.

They then went for a walk on the Chapel Bridge : this wooden bridge is more than 650 years old ! It has the particularity of being decorated with 158 paintings. Unfortunately, during the night of August 18, 1993, a terrible fire destroyed most of the bridge. Only the two bridgeheads and the Water Tower could be preserved. The reconstruction was very quick, only eight months, and the Chapel Bridge was already reopened on 14 April 1994.

If you have the opportunity, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Lucerne: there are many more things to discover !