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Trip in Switzerland : the kingdom of cats

Claire had great time visiting this exhibition which takes place for the seventh time open air and in the barns of Rossinière, a charming Waldesian village nestled at 920 m (3018 ft) altitude in the Pays d’Enhaut.

This contest was created in memory of the famous painter Balthus who lived in Rossinière from 1977 to 2001 (date of death) and who loved cats.

Strolling through the alleys, you can admire nearly 70 cats created by professionals, families, or students. Here are a few :

Oh ! Qu’il est mi(g)non – Marc Cherix
Firmin, Athéna, Polux et Eugénie – Festival au Pays des Enfants
La nuit, tous les chats ne sont pas gris – Bulle d’Air
Chat -brûle – Jean-Daniel Martin
Chatourne en rond – Ueli Tschabold
Le Chafé – Lucien Racine

The exhibition takes place this year from June 11th to September 10th, 2022.

Trip in Switzerland : cruise on the Lake of Geneva

Today, Claire and Momo are taking you on a cruise on the lake for 3 hours (in yellow on the map) with the Belle Epoque steam boat «La Suisse». With the current heat here, I hope this article will help you to stay cool !

Be on time, because the boat won’t be waiting for you !

After leaving Villeneuve, they passed by the magnificent Chillon Castle that we had visited with Chloe from All Pet Voices.

First stop in Montreux :

And then came Vevey :

Claire and Momo were getting hungry ; they savored a delicious menu while enjoying the extraordinary landscape of Lavaux, with its terraced vineyard, typical of the region.

« La Suisse » arrived in Lausanne, where the greatest number of passengers boarded the boat.

The boat then sailed back in the direction of France for the second part of the cruise. The mountains descend to the lake on the French side, and there are fewer inhabited areas on the shores.

After a stop at the Franco-Swiss village of Saint Gingolph, «La Suisse» stopped at Le Bouveret, the last stop before returning to Villeneuve.

Claire and Momo had a lot of fun doing this cruise, but I was very happy to see them back in time to fill my bowl !

Holidays and walk

*waving paw madly*

Oh ! Hello ! Can you see me ?

Today, I’m taking you on a walk with Claire and Momo, close to home, on the Plantour Tour.

The hill of Plantour is located between Aigle and Ollon; Claire and Momo left from the cloister quartier at Aigle, They walked towards the castle and through the vineyards, then quickly took a path that goes up through the forest. The trail is quite steep in places, we advise against it in case of rain.

After sweating, they arrived at the Belvedere of Plantour. From here you have a magnificent view of the whole Rhone plain, up to the Lake of Geneva.

The Plantour Tour is a loop that goes around the hill ; on the other side, we see the village of Verschiez in the foreground, the Rhone plain towards Valais, and the Dents du Midi in the center (unfortunately hidden by the clouds that day).

The return to Aigle is done by the paths that wind through the vineyards to the castle.

I hope you enjoyed this walk !