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Why you should read Pet Blogging for Love and Money

We met Carol online a few years ago when she was one of the leaders of the Blogpaws blogger community : we benefited from her dynamism, her experience and advice with thousands of others.

Carol Bryant is a celebrity in the pet industry. Her expertise in social media, public relations, digital marketing and professional blogging is recognized far and wide. She’s also president of the Dog Writers Association of America. Carol and her cocker Dexter blog at Fidose of Realty ; Fidose of Realty’s fundraising arm, Wigglebutt Warriors, raises funds for homeless dogs through various events.

Maggie Marton is also an expert in social media and digital marketing for pets. She blogs at Oh My Dog Blog, and is notably the author of The Zero-Waste Pet.

Carol and Maggie decided to share their knowledge and experience in order to benefit the highest number of people : Pet Blogging for Love and Money was born.

Pet Blogging for Love and Money with Zorro

Over the pages, you will discover how to start a blog, how to structure it, how to grow it, and for those who want it, how to turn it into a business. This book will also be very useful for shelters to optimize their online communication, to help them give their protégés the best chance of finding a forever home.

Chapter after chapter, Carol and Maggie guide you through all stages of creating and developing a blog. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a summary list of the most important points, and a case study that illustrates the material presented. This book is easy to read, and we have discovered plenty of tips that we can still implement to improve our blog. It’s available in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon.

Why should you read Pet Blogging for Love and Money ?

Here are 5 preconceived misconceptions that could cross your mind and make us advise you to read this book :

I don’t have a blog yet

This is the best time to read this book ! You will be accompanied in your first steps as a blogger and will be able to avoid the mistakes that most beginners make.

I have a blog, but I don’t have a pet

No problem ! The tips you will find in this book are valid for any kind of blog.

I blog for fun, I’m not a pro

This is no reason to have a mediocre blog : we don’t monetize our blog, but we do care about having a blog that people enjoy visiting and in which it’s easy to navigate.

You can’t make a living with a blog

Wrong ! But it doesn’t happen alone : it takes a strategy and time. Monetizing your blog is a real job (believe us, we tried a few years ago, but we gave up because we didn’t have enough time to devote to it).

I am already an experienced blogger

Analyze your practices ! Do the words “lifelong learning” ring a bell ?

Pet Blogging for Love and Money is the perfect gift to put under every blogger’s Christmas tree !

Pet Blogging for Love and Money with Pixie

WARNING : no one has asked us for an article about this book, and we are not paid to do so. We wrote it because we think it’s really worth it.

Catipilla : a project came true !

Remember Catipilla ? Yes, the modular cat climbing activity system that let your cat climb indoor as outdoor ! We told you about it in our post of April, 21st.

Their Kickstarter campaign succeeded, and Catipilla was officially able to lauch its products on November 4th and 5th of this year during the National Pet Show of the United Kingdom. All of their materials are sourced from the UK and their products are manufactured in the UK.

We’re happy to have been able to contribute to this success, and it’s not finished : Catipilla is bursting with ideas to enrich our environment, visit their future projects here.

Pictures used with the authorization of Catipilla


Fit with Jacob

We don’t usually review books, but today is an exception : we are obliged, because Claire loves Kater Jacob.
Fit mit Jacob
Jacob is 40 years old, but he doesn’t look like this. His secret ? Seven miracle exercises he practises daily, as for example :

These exercises are widely inspired by the Five Tibetans, a compilation of five yoga exercises which would have beneficial effects for the whole body.

Hans Peter Brugger, author, practises these seven exercises, and the idea to make a small book came to him when his daughter Lea, still a kid, began to practise them with him.

Sven Hartmann, illustrator and painter, is since 40 years Kater Jacob’s daddy.

Every exercise appears on a double spread : on the left, the description (and Jacob’s little comment !), and on the right the steps in pictures. Even if you don’t speak German, you will understand easily. Furthermore, the illustrations are adorable.
der Schraubi
Sven, Hanspi and Jacob called on to doctors and physiotherapists to estimate the presented exercises. Their opinion : valid and to be recommended !

You will find the book “Fit mit Jacob” (in German) in all good booksellers and on

This book was given us free of charge and we did not receive other compensation. The expressed opinions are only ours.