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A little sprig of lily of the valley

We interrupt our afternoon snuggles to announce that our buddy Ducky was the luckiest in the giveaway of our 9th blogoversary.

One last check on our teleportation tunnel, and we can send him his surprise package !

The warm temperatures of the previous week allowed Claire to open the vegetable garden season, and Zorro to take advantage of the freshly turned soil to… I mean, you get it.

Our lily of the valley was even in bloom for May 1st : let us offer you a sprig !

Happy 9th blogoversary !

We took a big break in early spring : no article, few visits to other blogs, Claire needed to disconnect, really.

We’re back just in time to celebrate our blogoversary : 9 years ! It’s been 9 years since we integrated the feline blogosphere thanks to our angel Loupi. We discovered a fantastic community, we made friends, we lost sight of some, and we found others.

We started to publish randomly, then more regularly, up to 3 times a week for 2 or 3 years, then we went back to 2 and then 1 publication a week.

To celebrate our blogoversary, we offer you a surprise package consisting of 9 articles that we have specially chosen for you. Try your luck !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Lola and Lexy

Every year, a gift exchange is organized in the Cat Blogosphere (thank you Paula!). A few days ago, we received a big package: this year, our Secret Paws were Lola et Lexy, and their greeting card was attached to the gifts.

All the presents were beautifully wrapped in rustling paper, it was fantastic: even the packaging was in itself a gift !

Claire received a lovely scarf, a nice lid cup and a colorful potholder, and we received an irresistible fruit assortment, a tunnel and bonito flakes! Did I mention that the fruit came from Yeowww?

After a good dose of… uh… lemon, I went to explore the tunnel, and you know what? It’s a rustling tunnel! It makes rustles when you play with it, I love it!

And since I’m kind, I even shared my lemon with Zorro.

Thank you so much, Lola and Lexy (and their human Dawn), you spoiled us!