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Results of my commentathon

1, 2, 3, …24…51….68, 69, 70 ! I got 70 comments for my commentathon, that’s great !

Thanks to you, I will be able to make a nice donation to the Haut-Léman shelter.

Thanks to all of you !

And here’s the nice card I got from Pippo, Dalton and Benji. It arrived the day of my Gotcha Day, but with the time difference, I could not publish it in the article. Thank you friends !

Who won our tunnel ?

Many of you took part in our giveaway on the occasion of our 7th blogoversary, it looks like you all wanted to win this teleportation tunnel to come visit us here !

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the name of the lucky winners : Chris, Frankie and Floki !

Concatulations !

Chris, Frankie and Floki have chosen to donate their prize to the shelter where Chris was adopted : thank you for your generosity, you’re going to make happy kitties !

Happy Birthday to a real cat lady

From distant South Carolina, this discreet blogger tells us every day about the adventures of the cats (and two donkeys !) who live peacefully by her side.

Marg is a tireless animal friend. Feeding, playing, treating, cajoling, sterilizing everybody who comes from no one knows where, Marg only listens to her heart. She takes good care of more than 20 cats, some of which have taken up residence at home over time, while others are still half feral. Her car commutes so often that it could travel alone the 20 or 30 miles that lead to the veterinarian.

Such energy ! You may not believe us, but Marg is celebrating her 80th birthday today !

Happy birthday from the bottom of our heart, Marg !

Thank you for all that you do for animals !