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Best wishes for Christmas

Two weeks ago, Momo decorated the tree while Claire was making the first batch of cookies (the second was made yesterday).

We’e already received a lot of beautiful cards by snail mail or e-mail, which makes us very happy : thank you very much to all those who sent them to us !

Finally, yesterday (23), we got a package from our friends at the Poupounette Gang : there was a lot of presents and treats for Claire and for us, including a Yeowww Nip Cigar : Zorro didn’t resist !

We wish you a happy holiday season and a very merry Christmas with those you love.

Our certificate has arrived !

We’re very happy and proud to announce you that two months ago, the Cat Writers’ Association has awarded us a Certificate of Excellence for our article about the arrival of a baby in a family with already a cat (English version).

It’s finally arrived two weeks ago in our mailbox, right for Claire’s birthday !

The Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. (CWA) is a professional group composed of writers, bloggers, photographers, artists, and broadcasters, all passionate cat advocates.

We regularly share our daily routine with you, but we also work hard to publish one or two “serious” articles each year. We translate them ourselves from our mother tongue, French, which is why we’re very very proud of this distinction !

A little message for you

Dear friends, we miss visiting you, reading your blogs and commenting your posts, and we want to apologize for not visiting you as much as we used to (and as much as we wished to !). Life has been crazy for our girl the last two years : being a school principal is a hard job, and even more difficult these days. It wears me out just thinking about it…

We’ve had less time to visit everyone, Claire has had less time to take awesome pictures of us and less time to blog. But we’ll always be here, we love you all too much !

We’ll take one day after another, and enjoy every time we’ll have time to visit you.