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Preparations for Secret Paws

Action stations this weekend : we finished preparing our Christmas cards, and I helped Claire pack our gifts for Secret Paws.

PIXIE : What’s in there ? Hmm, let’s see… that, that and that, oh, and that too !

I then told Claire which wrapping paper to choose, and I let her do the gifts. As she has thumbs, it goes faster (in addition, handling scotch with furry paws is not very practical).

I snoopervised everything from A to Z, and I find the result very satisfying ; one more to pack and hop ! In a box, and at the post office !

On the way to Christmas

ZORRO : We’ve been very, very busy preparing our Christmas cards and finding gift ideas for our friends and family : even if there are a bazillion events at the same time, the holiday season remains a time we adore !

Speaking of passing time, the happy owners of a Cat Blogosphere weekly planner were able to enjoy all week of my fabulous handsomeness (this said modestly of course) with this photo taken in April 2020 :

This devastating look requires daily maintenance :

PIXIE : Zorro, don’t you think it’s too much ?

ZORRO : Me ? Not at all !

More gifts

Soon after discovering the surprises that Lola and Lexy sent us, we received a big package from our friends from the Poupounette Gang. It was filled with gifts more fantastic than each other, both for us and for our humans.

Pixie particularly liked one of the packaging.

What generosity ! Thank you very much, friends !

Speaking of gifts, it reminds us of the Magi, and therefore of the Epiphany : our humans had a good laugh that day, but we forgive them…

Sorry if some photos are blurry, we had to capture the moment in the current circumstances !