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Welcome 2023 !

Happy New Year to you all !

A brief retrospective of the past year :

2022 was the year of the work at our home : everything started inside with a hole that led to the expansion of the living room. The work then continued outside : in theory, everything had to be finished at the end of October-beginning of November, in reality, the main one is done and the rest will be finished in February. Fortunately we had a tunnel to access the garden !

Apart from that, Pixie celebrated her 8th birthday on 16 March. Zorro celebrated his 10th birthday on August 15, but in the cool : indeed, a terrible heat wave hit Europe throughout the summer, and several regions including Switzerland suffered from drought.

In July, the Cat Writers’ Association awarded us a Certificate of Excellence that we got in September for our article “ How to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby in the family ? ”

December has arrived without us knowing how, and time to realize, we were already celebrating Christmas.

We hope that the summer of 2023 will be less hot, and that we’ll have more than stories of work to tell you over the days.

We wish you happiness and health for this new year !