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Surprise package !

PIXIE : Look, Zorro ! Look at the beautiful glittering package we received !

ZORRO : Who can send us all this ? See, a green catnip mouse !

PIXIE : Wait, there’s a card : « Bionic Basil & The B-Team ». But why are they sending us a gift ? It’s not Christmas yet !

ZORRO : That’s all the beauty of it, Pixie ; doing something nice for no reason whatsoever and expecting nothing in return, and bring joy into someone’s life. Parsley, Smooch, Amber, Pandora, Melvyn, and the angels Basil, Posie and Snowie are truly wonderful friends !

You should give this mat a try, Pixie, it’s very nice under the paws.

PIXIE : TYou are right, Zorro, it’s not only very nice, but very comfy.

Let’s show you the gloves that Claire received :

That’s cool, isn’t it ?

Basil & The B-Team, a big thank you for your generosity ! Your surprise gift made us very happy !