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2020 will be a good year thanks to you

Our year 2020 should be excellent thanks to all the wishes we received : postcards, e-cards, emails, comments, messages, they made us very happy.

Like every year, we made a garland with your postcards ; it has decorated our house so far.

Can you find your card ?

And here is an overview of the e-cards we received :

Your friendship is very important to us, and will accompany us throughout the year. Thank you once again for your good wishes !

More gifts

On January 6, it’s Epiphany : in some traditions, you eat the Twelfth-Night pancake, in others, gifts are offered that day rather than at Christmas.

Our Secret Santa spoiled us at Christmas, but he was not the only one : our friends from the Poupounette Gang also sent us a package full of gifts !

The gifts were carefully wrapped, and accompanied by a nice card.

This is what the package contained for Claire :

And this is what ours contained :

Zorro was super excited about the gift unpacking 😉

So I supervised everything from A to Z : unpacking, inspection, testing…

What ?!?

Do you think I should have awakened Zorro and shared these treats, toys and this moment of joy with him ?

Are you kidding me ?

It’s mine, all mine for a while, yipeee !

Many thanks to you, the Poupounette Gang, many thanks to you, #1, we ‘ve been very touched by your attention !