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For you, friends

We chose the most beautiful roses in our garden…

…for Jackie, hoping the bad C doesn’t show up again

…for Timmy’s family, who left us on Friday

… and for Sawyer’s family, who disappeared yesterday – please, Sawyer, come home safe and sound !

In a more cheerful register, the sanitary measures relax a little, and it smells like holidays !

We will soon have more time to visit you and tell you about our adventures !

A little sprig of lily of the valley

We interrupt our afternoon snuggles to announce that our buddy Ducky was the luckiest in the giveaway of our 9th blogoversary.

One last check on our teleportation tunnel, and we can send him his surprise package !

The warm temperatures of the previous week allowed Claire to open the vegetable garden season, and Zorro to take advantage of the freshly turned soil to… I mean, you get it.

Our lily of the valley was even in bloom for May 1st : let us offer you a sprig !

Farewell Genji

We were very sad to hear yesterday that our friend Genji, Genji des Rêves d’Aton, the magnificent blue prince of the Poupounette Gang, got his wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Those who came before, including Bibi, were surely there to welcome him.

All our thoughts go to Ollie, Tama, Hotesse, Violette, Vidock, Héloïse, and #1.

Fly free, Genji, until we meet again…