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Farewell, Hôtesse

We’re heartbroken : yesterday, our friends from the Poupounette Gang had to say goodbye to their beautiful mama Hôtesse, mother of the sweet Violette and the pretty Héloïse. Hôtesse was 27, which is very old for a Percheron horse.

Claire was lucky to meet her in April 2018.

We’re sending tons of love and comforting purrs to our friends from the Poupounette Gang, and big hugs to #1. Please stop by to leave words of comfort.

Heavy work

In October 2021, we told you about a mysterious tunnel that had appeared in the extension of our cat flap in preparation for the renovation of our house.

This winter, Claire and Momo added the second module to get us used to using it without fear to go out to the garden, and this spring, they installed the third and last module.

In July, part of our fence was moved to allow free access to all outside of the house for work.

In August, the apocalypse began…