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More gifts

Soon after discovering the surprises that Lola and Lexy sent us, we received a big package from our friends from the Poupounette Gang. It was filled with gifts more fantastic than each other, both for us and for our humans.

Pixie particularly liked one of the packaging.

What generosity ! Thank you very much, friends !

Speaking of gifts, it reminds us of the Magi, and therefore of the Epiphany : our humans had a good laugh that day, but we forgive them…

Sorry if some photos are blurry, we had to capture the moment in the current circumstances !

Bye bye 2020 !

The weather is beautiful throughout the month of January. However, our good mood is somewhat clouded by the news of the terrible fires that ravage Australia at the same time.

The month begins at top speed for Claire: she takes over the school management ad interim at the beginning of the month following the principal’s announced departure.
Zorro is celebrating his 7th Gotcha Day, and his commentathon for Etoile is a success.

The coronavirus, COVID-19, surges like a wave from China and changes the entire planet. On Friday the 13th of March, all schools in the canton of Vaud close. Another life begins for thousands of people in Switzerland: lockdown (getting out as little as possible), homeschooling, prohibition of meeting more than 5 people in public space, strict respect of social distances. In a way, our humans turn into cats, and adopt our rhythms when it comes to napping.
Pixie is turning 6.

It’s spring and the weather is beautiful for Easter.
We’re celebrating our 8th blogoversary.

Pixie celebrates her 6th Gotcha Day.
Students go back to school after 2 months at home.

Summer is finally coming, and the end of the school year is just about normal.

On 1st of July, Claire is officially appointed principal of the school.
Then it’s time for the holidays, and they’re more than welcome.

At the end of the month, it’s back to school, masked for adults.
Zorro is turning 8.

All these COVID-happenings have led to big life changes for Claire and Momo: as we told you, Claire is now the school’s principal, and Momo, meanwhile, discovered during confinement that the life as househusband suited him well.

We pass without transition from summer to winter before returning to a fall weather almost normal.
The pandemic is back in force, and the cycle of health closures and restrictions is starting again.

The “Laundry” operation ends after 15 years waiting.
By the time we say “phew”, we’re already preparing for Christmas.

We’re spoiled by Lola and Lexy for Secret Paws. Christmas and New Year are celebrated in small committee, COVID requires.

We wish you health for 2021 and hope that the COVID vaccine will lead to a more joyful and carefree life in a few months.

Happy New Year to all of you !