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Happy Mother’s Day !

PIXIE : Zorro, is Claire our mom ?

ZORRO : I don’t know…. What is certain is that she’s not our biological mother, she doesn’t have enough fur ! Afterwards, she takes care of us, feeds us, loves us, so maybe yes, in a way, some would say it’s a bit like a mom to us. Do you understand ?

PIXIE : I think so… blood bonds don’t always make a mom, but heart bonds do, right ?

ZORRO : That’s right. I’m a (ex) mancat, but I was a great mom to you when you came in, remember ?

PIXIE : Oh yes, you even taught me how to hunt, and I keep burying myself under your chest when I want a hug, like a kitten !

We wish a happy Mother’s Day to moms of all sides and of all kinds !

Happy Easter !

It was a bit chilly at the beginning of the month after a brief come-back of the snow,, and we stayed to play inside.

Momo found it very funny to make me look like a Smurf by putting one of his socks on my head. Humans, they’re so easily amused…

The weather is now beautiful, mild and sunny. We also wish you the same spring season for a very happy Easter.