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Gotcha Day and commentathon !

On February 17th, I quietly celebrated my 8th Gotcha Day. Actually, Claire monopolized the computer (for a change…), so I preferred to wait until the weekend to launch my traditional commentathon in order to celebrate the event.

You know that many friends are not lucky enough to have a forever home and are waiting in a shelter : to help them, for every comment left on this post until Thursday, February 25th, I’ll give 1 CHF to the Haut-Léman shelter.

Let’s talk about money

You are amazing ! The result of my commentathon : 67 CHF to give to my favorite shelter !

Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Cathy Keisha asked us in her comment : is a CHF anything like a green paper in another color ?

Yes, it is. CHF is the acronym for Swiss franc, the currency of Switzerland. We have coins, and we have papers in several colors.

According to M. Internet, 1 CHF = 1,4 CAD = 1 USD = 0,9 EUR = 1,5 AUD = 1,6 NZD aujourd’hui.

Here are the coins :

Swiss coins
MadGeographer / Public domain

And the banknotes :

The average salary is 6000 CHF in Switzerland, but the cost of living is one of the highest in the world. You’ll find here how far 6000 francs really get you.

Sources images :
1000 – 50 – 20 : Manuela Pfrunder, Swiss National Bank / Public domain
200 – 100 – 10 : Schweizer Nationalbank / Public domain