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Commentathon for my 10th Gotcha Day

Yes, already 10 years ! It’s been 10 years since I found a wonderful home on February 17 !

Many friends are not lucky enough to have a forever home and are waiting in a shelter : for every comment left on this post until Friday, February 24th noon (Swiss time), I’ll give 1 CHF to the Haut-Léman shelter.

I dream of giving them at least 50 francs, so go, go, go, and let’s comment !

Guest house

Angel Loupi ? Angel Loupi ? Zorro calling you. Are you there ?

Remember that little house Momo built for you ?

So, Pixie and I have never really been in it, so we decided to make it available to pals passing through, outside our enclosure. We placed it under the big juniper, a little hidden ; you hardly see it if you don’t know it’s there.

It just remains to put straw in it to make it more comfortable.

I know you’ll agree with this decision, and you’ll keep an eye on our visitors from up there.