Guest house

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Angel Loupi ? Angel Loupi ? Zorro calling you. Are you there ?

Remember that little house Momo built for you ?

So, Pixie and I have never really been in it, so we decided to make it available to pals passing through, outside our enclosure. We placed it under the big juniper, a little hidden ; you hardly see it if you don’t know it’s there.

It just remains to put straw in it to make it more comfortable.

I know you’ll agree with this decision, and you’ll keep an eye on our visitors from up there.

26 thoughts on “Guest house

  1. Mary McNeil

    We had not heard of Angel Loupi before. We are sorry about his loss but sure he knew love, and sure he approves of you letting his house be used by other kitties in need ! Purrs !

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    how total lee kewl iz thiz ❤️❤️

    pixie N zorro, if we ever getz ta vizit ewe, we wood
    troo lee N joy stayin ther ‼️‼️

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