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Ready for Christmas

While I was enjoying the garden, Claire and Pixie had a lot to do inside. This weekend was long reserved for the preparation of cards and packages to be sent for Christmas. Because we have a lot of friends overseas, everything has to be ready at the beginning of December.

Today is also the first Sunday of Advent, and Claire finished the wreath just in time: let the countdown to Christmas begin !

Good job !

For 15 years, we had an old, ugly laundry room that looked like this:

Things got a little better when the kitchen was redone: Claire and Momo took advantage of the presence of the workers to already change some pipes and put tiles on the floor. It was a first step.

This fall, Momo did everything else, and here’s the result.

Not bad, huh ? Of course, he wouldn’t have succeeded without my help and supervision !

Sweet thoughts to our friend Nicole whose sweet Dingle has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Ficelle.

What an amazing weekend !

Hi everyone ! Are you okay ? As far as we are concerned, we had an amazing weekend !

We celebrated Momo’s birthday this weekend, and he was surprised to receive this beautiful card from Dad Pete, Timmy and family. He was very touched. It was a special birthday celebration, in small committee, without guests, without restaurant (they are closed), but with a lot of wishes and presence… remotely.

Another important event made this weekend extraordinary: after an unbearable suspense, we were delighted to hear that the United States of America finally had a new president. We understood that the situation was complicated there, and since we have a lot of friends there, it still affects us. We hope that this new president will return his calm and unity to this beautiful country.