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International Cat Day 2021

Our peeps have been on holiday for almost three weeks, and we will soon make you discover one or two nice spots of our pretty country. Claire and Momo are therefore entirely at our service during this summer break: what better way to celebrate International Cat Day today ?

We’ve been worshipped like gods after all, and we remember it very well (thanks, Ancient Egypt).

But some humans have forgotten that, and we still have too many friends who end up in a shelter, or worse…

So if you want to honour this day, and if you’re ready to commit yourself for around twenty years to an adorable domestic deity, don’t hesitate : adopt a cat (or two, or …) !

Such a lot of water, such a lot of water !

For several days now, we’ve been facing an unprecedented situation in almost all European countries : it’s cool for the season, it rains downpours, and sometimes very violent local storms accentuate the damage already caused by the rain. Germany and Belgium were particularly affected.

Floods, landslides, we’re not yet at the stage of other countries that suffer hurricanes several times a year, but it’s impressive.

Today we’re enjoying the return of the sun and the heat, but the situation of lakes and rivers remains critical: we hope that the decline will happen quickly, and hope that those most affected by these disasters will receive the help they need.

For you, friends

We chose the most beautiful roses in our garden…

…for Jackie, hoping the bad C doesn’t show up again

…for Timmy’s family, who left us on Friday

… and for Sawyer’s family, who disappeared yesterday – please, Sawyer, come home safe and sound !

In a more cheerful register, the sanitary measures relax a little, and it smells like holidays !

We will soon have more time to visit you and tell you about our adventures !