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On the way to Christmas

Our gifts are ready, our greeting cards have been sent, and preparations for the holiday season are progressing well.

This little guy is driving the wagons of our Advent calendar, and his train brings us closer to Christmas every day.

I watch him, in case he makes a detour, or goes the wrong way, you never know….

It’s an exhausting job as you can see, and I can’t wait for Christmas !

It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since we’ve given some news. Why? Because our secretary has an exciting, engaging, and time-consuming role in her human life, a function she loves, just like her team, and she has no sense of priorities: we say «our blog first !» Well no, she puts the priority on sports, activities with family and friends, work, and only then our blog and friends of the blogosphere.

What’s up ?

Zorro made a remake of Easy Rider with a snail. Her little passenger was so well hung that Claire had to take him off literally to put him back in the garden !

He recently sprained himself or something while doing secret cat stuff he’ll never admit to, but other than that, our last visit to the vet shows nothing but positive. Speaking of this, our longtime vet has retired, and it’s a new vet who’s been taking care of us for 2 years: Sarah is very nice, very sweet, and very competent. She gave us a lot of compliments while she was examining us, to the point that we barely realized that she was vaccinating us and deworming us.

We’re doing well, we don’t forget you, and we always think of you; we follow from afar your adventures, your joys and your sorrows, but we think of you. The world is crazy, fortunately the blogosphere remains a friendly and caring place that is good to frequent in these troubled times.

Bye bye MailChimp

I meditated a lot on the question with Claire, but also without her :

After some intense meditation sessions, I made the following decision : bye bye MailChimp !

After several years, we’ll leave MailChimp to send our new articles on August 1st ; indeed, a tool on our site allows us to do the same thing (with a simpler design, certainly), and we don’t need all the other features of MailChimp that we’ve never used.

What about your data (email addresses) ? They will be deleted by us before closing the account ; moreover, once a MailChimp account is deleted, all account data is deleted and cannot be recovered. (source : MailChimp).

If you want to continue to receive our news in your mailboxes, just check the corresponding box by leaving a comment ; you can also always continue to follow us with your WordPress account if you have one.

If you have a blog, do you use a third-party tool to inform your readers of your new posts, or do you use a tool already built into your platform ?