On the way to Christmas

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Our gifts are ready, our greeting cards have been sent, and preparations for the holiday season are progressing well.

This little guy is driving the wagons of our Advent calendar, and his train brings us closer to Christmas every day.

I watch him, in case he makes a detour, or goes the wrong way, you never know….

It’s an exhausting job as you can see, and I can’t wait for Christmas !

22 thoughts on “On the way to Christmas

  1. Erin the Cat

    What an adorable little train! Do you get to ride in the back around your home?
    Yes, these short days which mean forced longer naps, and cold wet weather sure puts a strain on the old routine.
    Have a lovely and less fatiguing week

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    wavez two ewe pixie N zorro !!! thanx mew for R criss mouz card, de postal servizz dee liverd
    it yesterday all de way frum a cross de pond !!! R’z goez out thiz week…we hope yur reddy for
    de dood in red witha beerd….him will bee heer prettee soon !! 🙂 ♥♥

  3. Zoolatry

    Oh, we know ~ Santa’s train will not, absolutely will not miss a stop at your home … and he’ll leave all kinds of wondrous things for the two sweetest Swiss kitties ever! Merry and Meowy Christmas to you, and to your very special family … with love ‘n’ hugs from JUNE and her mom, Ann.

    (PS we thank you also for your lovely holiday cards, both by post and email)


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