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avril 1994 – mai 2008



Isis was a blue Persian with yellow eyes with a noble pedigree long as my tail. Playful, cuddling, a little bit timorous all the same, she shared only for 3 months Claire’s life and Momo before being joined by his young brother Hercule (the same parents, but following litter).

The nature having endowed Isis with very bad teeth, she had quickly only one canine and one or two molars left ; when she was relaxed, the end of her tongue overtook of her mouth and gave her well a little bit stupid look… Her delicate digestive system had never recovered completely from a virus which she had caught : she had a special diet half of her life.

The natural distrust of Isis could make her fast aggressive, but also funny : when she had access to a real garden instead of a balcony, after 10 years of life in apartment, she spent one year before daring to go away from graded paths, and to walk in the grass.

In 2007, the loins of Isis began to work badly. Several treatments were tempted, but none gave satisfactory results, and Isis was put to sleep and finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May, 2008.

Some anecdotes:

  • At the age of 5 months, Isis brought down all the models of motorcycle patiently built by Momo of the bookcase. She hid then accurately the tracks of her misdeed by pushing spare parts far under the piece of furniture, but was betrayed by a front wheel inconveniently forgotten under a chair.
  • Isis has never touched the other house plants, except one species of small palm tree which she hated : she hung with doggedness after the trunk to take it out of the jar.