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April 2008 – March 2014


Loupi was Céleste’s brother, pure breed of the farm nearby in the village. As her sister was a pest and a ruler, as he was shy and timorous, even put under stress, except when it was about hunting. He literally adored Claire.

Loupi was a good guy ; he didn’t look for trouble on anyone and liked settling down in the middle of the hens to dream of I do not know what by looking at them ; he did not really defend his territory, to the great displeasure of Momo who would have enjoyed seeing him adopting an a little more virile behavior.

Any change in his habits was source of anxiety and intense stress for him. The arrival of Zorro in February, 2013 was an experience of the most difficult for him. Loupi needed almost one year to succeed in living serenely with him, in spite of the help of Feliway and Zylkene.

In spite of his afraid side, Loupi was an outstanding hunter : no bird, no mouse escaped him. He did not just hunt for pleasure, but also consumed his preys.


This quiet life was abruptly interrupted on Friday, March 28th, 2014 when he was hit by a car. He had bad wounds on the side (peeled skin, tendons and bone of the leg open), broken canines and crushed tail, as well as a gap between his pond and the first vertebra of the tail. Loupi was able to be immediately brought at the veterinarian’s, but within the following hours, it seemed that he also had internal injuries at the level of the bladder and the loins, which did not work any more.

Still upset by the speed of the events, Claire and Momo decided however on Saturday evening to say goodbye to Loupi and allow him to cross the Rainbow Bridge without useless sufferings.

Some anecdotes :Loupi212

  • During his first night at Claire and Momo, Loupi ate too many kibbles without chewing them and vomited everything on the carpet in the middle of the night. Since this day, that carpet became his enemy : he scratched it, bit it, gave it bunny kicks, what he has never done with any other carpet.
  • The favourite activity of Loupi between 3 and 6 months was to catch Hercule’s tail (and to get a slap)
  • Loupi managed to frighten alone…
  • Loupi was obsessed by the dishes sponge, to the point that it was necessary to hide it when we did not use it so that he does not fetch her to play
  • When it was about hunting, Loupi could show himself very brave : he defended a mouse he had just caught all alone against two foxes who wanted to steal it to him