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Catipilla : a project came true !

Remember Catipilla ? Yes, the modular cat climbing activity system that let your cat climb indoor as outdoor ! We told you about it in our post of April, 21st.

Their Kickstarter campaign succeeded, and Catipilla was officially able to lauch its products on November 4th and 5th of this year during the National Pet Show of the United Kingdom. All of their materials are sourced from the UK and their products are manufactured in the UK.

We’re happy to have been able to contribute to this success, and it’s not finished : Catipilla is bursting with ideas to enrich our environment, visit their future projects here.

Pictures used with the authorization of Catipilla


Catipilla Cat Tree Climbing Frame : what a smart idea !

This is NOT a sponsored post ; we share this because we think it’s an interesting and useful quality product for cat lovers and their cat.
Catipilla, what a smart idea !
The Catipilla Cat Tree Climbing Frame is a fun and modular cat climbing activity system. It can be used indoor or outdoor.
Catipilla Treillis

Catipilla Ladder 2

Catipilla Ladder 1

Catipilla Indoors
Each element have been specifically designed with grippy surfaces, which allows cats to use them safely (length : 60cm / 23.4in. – width : 12cm / 4.7in. ). The platforms can be fixed at any height on the pillar, or directly to a wall.
Catipilla Plate
But what’s the story behind such a cool innovation ? Here is it : “Our oldest moggy, Smudge, was 18 years old when she could no longer jump or climb into our window. Refusing to drill a hole in our door to accommodate a cat flap, we bought some wood, a bag of nails and set to work.”

Catipilla launched a Kickstarter Campaign on April 10th to support its project (deadline : May 10th).

How old is your cat ?

Thank you very much for your messages on the occasion of my birthday ! I was really happy ! It’s a little bit hard for me to recover from the pawty, by the way…

My friend Easy told me that I was now old enough to drive a car and to drink beers : but how to convert cat years in human years ?

Some people say that it should be multiplied by 7, others say by 8… That’s not quite that.

How old is your cat ?

An old cat will enjoy some kind gestures and some arrangements which will facilitate his life : we tell you about it here.

I have thus just turned 28 ! And you, how old would you be if you were a human ?