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Heavy work

In October 2021, we told you about a mysterious tunnel that had appeared in the extension of our cat flap in preparation for the renovation of our house.

This winter, Claire and Momo added the second module to get us used to using it without fear to go out to the garden, and this spring, they installed the third and last module.

In July, part of our fence was moved to allow free access to all outside of the house for work.

In August, the apocalypse began…

Hole story

Once upon a time there was a small hole.

After one day, the little hole had grown.

ApAfter one week, little hole had become big.

It’s home construction : our humans have decided to cut down a wall to enlarge the living room. They moved the bedroom into the smaller room, knocked down a wall, and took out the wallpaper at a speed that Angel Loupi, Zorro and I never thought possible when we started doing it with our claws.

Might as well tell you we’re better out than in !

Good job !

For 15 years, we had an old, ugly laundry room that looked like this:

Things got a little better when the kitchen was redone: Claire and Momo took advantage of the presence of the workers to already change some pipes and put tiles on the floor. It was a first step.

This fall, Momo did everything else, and here’s the result.

Not bad, huh ? Of course, he wouldn’t have succeeded without my help and supervision !

Sweet thoughts to our friend Nicole whose sweet Dingle has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Ficelle.