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Adverse effects

The lockdown situation due to COVID-2019 has perverse effects on our humans : here are a few.

We have to anticipate to go and buy our food, and allow a little more time. Anticipating being a need at Claire’s, it doesn’t bother her too much.

The hours of wakefulness, sleep, and meals are completely out of sync with some of our domestic staff. This point is more problematic : our human needs a very regular rhythm, and a number of hours of almost feline sleep. When she realized that she was starting to go to bed regularly two hours later than usual, that she was getting up later but not really rested, that she was starting to nibble and buy junk food, Claire forced herself to go to bed at the usual time, started planning healthy and balanced meals again, and put on a wake-up call to get up in the morning.

Finally, forced promiscuity gets on the nerves of some. Fortunately, this is not the case for Momo and Claire !

We also noticed that we were a little behind the blogosphere these days, as if we had lost some of our « blogging mojo » : let’s hope it doesn’t last too long !

What about in your homes ? Do your humans manage to keep a semblance of normality in their lives ?

Weird, weird

Life has become very strange around here : Momo no longer goes to work and stays at home, and Claire only goes there every other day (or every three days).

She discovers the thrills of telework…

S…t ! The XY file has remained in the office !

…and the joys of video conferencing.

Georges, are you there ? – Yes, …ut my …on…tion is not ve… …ood. – Uh ? What ? What are you saying ? Georges ? Georges ?… We lost Georges !

Claire monopolizes the computer, even the computer and the iPad at the same time. I try to help her by walking on the keyboard, but she tells me that she’s working and that I have to take a walk elsewhere. How ungrateful ! She’s working, you speak ! It’s been ten days that there is no new post on our blog !

We have the chance to live in the country : to take a break from ideas and get some fresh air, our humans can easily go for a walk without meeting more than three or four people.

As for us, we enjoy the garden, and the weather that was beautiful until yesterday.

And at your home, how is it going ? How do your humans live this house arrest ?