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Hole story

Once upon a time there was a small hole.

After one day, the little hole had grown.

ApAfter one week, little hole had become big.

It’s home construction : our humans have decided to cut down a wall to enlarge the living room. They moved the bedroom into the smaller room, knocked down a wall, and took out the wallpaper at a speed that Angel Loupi, Zorro and I never thought possible when we started doing it with our claws.

Might as well tell you we’re better out than in !

Mystery solved

Many of you have wondered, as we have, what the little tunnel we showed you recently might be used for, and what the bits and pieces of words we heard meant.

Phiphi, Zoé, Pâquerette, Ivan and Izzy, Angel and Balou, Shadow, Ernie, Monti and Finn, and Omi Elke were right: there will be work in spring to insulate the exterior walls of the house !

So that we can continue to go out, our humans will move a section of the fence of the garden, and we’ll be able to continue to access it by means of a long tunnel. What you have seen is only the first part; the rest will be made with wire mesh attached to a board. Claire and Momo want us to get used to passing through the tunnel for 2 or 3 months before the work starts, so we can show it to you very soon.

I’m not thrilled with the noise and excitement ahead, even if it’s only a few months away !

We have just heard that our friend Balou crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago; lots of comforting purrs to his family.