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Happy weeks and holiday weekend

It’s been a long time since our paws had touched a keyboard: we have a lot to tell you ! It’s been a beautiful two weeks, we still think we’re in the middle of summer.

PIXIE : On Wednesday 9, we had our annual visit at the vet. Claire was thrilled that Zorro didn’t pee in the car during the 10-minute drive, but her joy was short-lived. As soon as he arrived in the waiting room, Zorro started yelling, « I’M POOPING, I’M POOPING !”. Me, I immediately understood, I held my breath, but Claire was slower until her sense of smell took over the translation. Apart from this small incident, everything went well: we’re in excellent health, and returned home without any other special event. We deserved a few treats after all these emotions !

ZORRO : On Caturday the 12th, Claire celebrated her birthday; she thanks you again for all the wishes and messages she received that made her very happy.

And this weekend is the weekend of Federal Day of Thanksgiving, Repentance and Prayer: Monday is a holiday in some Swiss cantons, including the canton of Vaud where we live. So we can cuddle with Claire one more day !

Big life changes

It doesn’t seem like that, but we’ve been through major changes in our lives this summer.

Our daily routine has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not what it’s about. The changes we’ve gone through have no connection to each other, and yet…. The timing they came with was just perfect.

First, Claire agreed in February to take over the direction of her school ad interim while another principal arrived. But on March 13, the school had to close due to COVID (the school then reopened in May).

At the same time, Momo had to stay at home because of COVID as well: with everything he had, he was considered at risk. He quickly realized the benefits for his health: he could do things at his own pace, rest when he needed to, and he had much less pain in his foot.

A crazy idea began to germinate in the brains of our humans: what if Momo became a «housewife» ? After many calculations and discussions, the decision was made in April: Momo sent his resignation to the fantastic company that had always supported him. It was a difficult choice, but the priority now went to his health and quality of life.

After a few months, her new role started to please Claire, and she thought, why not me ? She had a good discussion with Momo and us, and we gave her the go-ahead. On July 1, she officially became the new principal of her school.

Moral of the story :
Life sometimes offers us opportunities at unexpected moments; it’s up to us to know how to seize them to get the best out of them.