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Weird, weird

Life has become very strange around here : Momo no longer goes to work and stays at home, and Claire only goes there every other day (or every three days).

She discovers the thrills of telework…

S…t ! The XY file has remained in the office !

…and the joys of video conferencing.

Georges, are you there ? – Yes, …ut my …on…tion is not ve… …ood. – Uh ? What ? What are you saying ? Georges ? Georges ?… We lost Georges !

Claire monopolizes the computer, even the computer and the iPad at the same time. I try to help her by walking on the keyboard, but she tells me that she’s working and that I have to take a walk elsewhere. How ungrateful ! She’s working, you speak ! It’s been ten days that there is no new post on our blog !

We have the chance to live in the country : to take a break from ideas and get some fresh air, our humans can easily go for a walk without meeting more than three or four people.

As for us, we enjoy the garden, and the weather that was beautiful until yesterday.

And at your home, how is it going ? How do your humans live this house arrest ?

New responsibilities

Claire took on new responsibilities at her job, and we wonder if she changed place as well, because she told us she was taking over the school ad interim.

We searched Interim on the map : it doesn’t exist ! It must be somewhere, though, because there are tons of paperwork in there : Claire keeps spreading it on her desk, before wondering how she’s going to file them.

That’s where I come in : I can see she’s thinking, she can’t decide what’s important and what to throw away, so I’m helping her.

I drool on the most important ones, I start shredding the least important ones with my claws and teeth, and then, miracle ! In less than 10 seconds, Claire’s put it all away !

Pixie does the same thing on the IT area : she walks around on a few buttons judiciously chosen on the computer keyboard, and hop ! The work session is over !

We also need to ask for an increase in treats for our new executive assistant positions…

Household chores

Cleaning, sewing, cooking : Claire had to do a lot these times, so I decided to help her.

First I supervised the proper cooking of the muffins.

Then I actively took part in the meal preparation.

In the afternoon, I was at the sewing workshop : I checked that the trousers were shortened to the right length, and that the back was as well done as the front.

The weather has been beautiful for over a week, and thanks to my help, Claire has even had time to take a walk and enjoy the sun with Momo.