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In the vineyards

Claire keeps running everywhere for her work, but manages to preserve Sunday to walk with Momo. There they are in the vineyards, above Aigle. In the distance you can see the village of Yvorne, with the bell tower of the church, and on the other side, the magnificent castle of Aigle.

Our blog keeps being neglected, and our visits remain sporadic : we hesitated to fire our secretary and take another one, but she has a special clause in her contract for the period from the end of May to the beginning of July : we have to keep her… We look forward to the beginning of July !

Zorro is grumpy

It rained cats and dogs on Sunday and yesterday, and it’s still raining today.
Claire is busy as ever this month of June because of the end of the school year, we have not been able to visit you for several days, and certainly not comment on your blogs.
Pixie ate the last treat in the package, and I didn’t get any.
So, yes, I’m grumpy.

Gifts from nature

We’re doing everything we can to check on you and visit you, but Claire is a little overwhelmed these days. She’s careful to have still time for herself, for Momo, and for working out, and so we’re less present online.

To make it up to us, we offer you these gifts of nature : the peony hatched in our garden, and this beautiful unknown flower introduced itself to Claire and Momo during their Sunday walk.

Come and visit us on Friday, May 24th : it’s Pixie’s Gotcha Day, and we have our traditional commentathon in favor of our favorite shelter !