Office assistant

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“The office assistant essentially performs simple, standardised administrative tasks. In particular, they greet people at reception, answer the phone, makes photocopies, classify and distribute the documents according to the instructions of the person responsible.”

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25 thoughts on “Office assistant

  1. Marvelous Marv

    We thought the major perk of the assistant job (and why we fight over it) is the paper shredding!!! I’m sure it is in our contract! Zorro, you do a magnificent job! Keep being awesome! Purrs Marvelous Marv

  2. Teddy

    I must say your office shredder is a lot more adorable than OURS is…..ours is electric and doesn’t need to be fed but I think YOUR model does! Tee Hee

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  3. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum

    You got tHE classyfyin an dsisstributin dockumintss down to a ‘fine art’ there Zorro!!!
    Well dun mee frend….mee will have t try dockumint shreddin….BellaSita cuud use help with that fore sure 😉
    **nose kissess** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

  4. Mark's Mews

    Our TBT worked in an office. So he immediately noticed that shredding important documents wasn’t listed as an “office duty”. Glad that you demonstrated that it IS! Lori is the official paper-shredder in our house.

  5. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood ! werd round de fizh pond iz two day iz yur gotcha day
    we send bezt fizhez, happe day wizhez and heerz two a grate
    week a head! N joy, eat much fizh and pizza piez and haz
    fun ❤️❤️‼️

  6. Zoolatry

    Someone somewheres said the “office assistant” has had a “gotcha day” … was he tearing up his text messages and emails of congrats?
    … perhaps we’ll just phone ours in …

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