Already December

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The work is going well and our house is now very pretty ; sparkling gutters were installed earlier this week. The photovoltaic panels will still arrive before Christmas, but the rest (shutters, outdoor lamps, etc.) will be for next year.

The garden looks like a battlefield, we dare not even show it to you !

We got our first Christmas card from Tommy et Teaghan, and others followed ; they are an integral part of our Christmas decorations, we will show them to you shortly.

16 thoughts on “Already December

  1. Teddy

    WOW! Those gutters are spectacular and the whole house is going to look BRAND NEW! That’s a nice Christmas gift to the family.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. Zoolatry

    Never knew gutters and downspouts could look so good! Sparkling, indeed. The tale of the happy homeowners goes on … t’would just be better if it went on a little bit more quickly.

  3. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum

    Meow yore house iss lookin guud there Zorro an Pixie!!
    Little bye little it will all get dun…..
    What a lovelee Catmass card from Tommy an Teagan……wee are beehind on cardss….
    Sorry! BellaSita has not been well at all.
    Wee sure hope youss’ have a lovely Catmass an a wudnerfull healthy an happy Mew Yeer….
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  4. Mark's Mews

    Great work you are having done! I have a To Do list a few years old and I better start on the inside stuff soon and the outside stuff in Spring… Here we have a habit of hiding the gutters, downspouts and roofing by color-matching to the siding. I’m not sure that’s a great idea (it’s boring).

    I suspect it is a reaction to the Victorian Age color excess of our grandparents. Maybe it is time to change that. My house is somewhat more colorful than my neighbors’.

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