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All good things must come to an end

All good things must come to an end, even the holidays…
All good things must come to an end, even the holidays…
Today, it’s the resumption of work for Claire. The children will go back school on August 21st, but for the teachers, it’s the moment to put themselves in the school atmosphere again, to prepare copies, to decorate the class, and to refine the welcome activities planned for the first days.

As Claire is also an executive assistant (“dean”), it’s the moment too to prepare the teachers meeting and to settle the last details of the start of the school year with the management team.

All this to tell you that she’s abandoning us all day long ! Good thing Momo is there today, but we’ll better get used to being a few hours alone from time to time again.

What do you mean, « you’re sleeping anyway » ? Absolutely not ! We are bored of every minute’s absence of our humans, but we do it with our eyes shut…
We are bored of every minute’s absence of our humans, but we do it with our eyes shut…
All right, we exaggerate a little, but hardly : we prefer when our humans are at home all the same, even if we’re sleeping.

Good start of the school year to all the children and to all the teachers !

Trip in Switzerland : the Rhine Falls

Look at this :

Impressive, right ? Today, we take you to the Rhine falls, the biggest waterfalls of Europe.

The Rhine falls formed during the last glaciation, about 14’000 to 17’000 years ago. The northern bank with Schlössli Wörth is on the canton of Schaffhausen, the southern bank with the castle of Laufen on the canton of Zurich.

A few figures :

  • Width : 150 metres
  • Height : 23 metres
  • Depth of the basin : 13 metres
  • Capacity of flow in summer : approx. 600’000 litres per second
  • Capacity of flow in winter : approx. 250’000 litres per second

Claire and Momo arrived by the South. To reach the river, they went by foot and went through the castle of Laufen, which overhangs the falls.
Chutes Rhin 24 Schloss Laufen
Chutes Rhin 02 Schloss Laufen
A way comes down to the panoramic terraces then arrives at a small landing stage.
Chutes Rhin 05
Chutes Rhin 08
Chutes Rhin 13
From there, several boat trips permit to discover closely this magnificent natural show. Here we go !
Chutes Rhin 15 rive nord
Chutes Rhin 18 rive nord
Chutes Rhin 20
Chutes Rhin 23
Chutes Rhin 26
Did you like it ? As for me, I prefer to keep my paws dry !

Trip in Switzerland : Evolène (and a recap of the week)

Last Sunday, Claire and Momo celebrated the 20th birthday of their favorite nephew over Vevey.
gateau 20 ans Romain
The view on the Lake of Geneva is magnificent ; when they arrived, the weather was beautiful, then it became stormy. Look at the third photo, do you see how the color of the water changed ?
lac ouest
lac est
lac est orageux
As we told you, Claire had a great big migraine on Monday. On Tuesday, she had more or less recovered, and took care of the garden with Momo.

On Wednesday, Claire and Momo went to Evolène. The godmother of Claire is Swiss but lives in Paris ; she comes every year to recharge in the pretty village of Evolène. To arrive there, it’s necessary to rise in the mountain over Sion, in the Val d’Hérens.
Halfway, we can see the pyramids of Euseigne : these curious cones were formed by the degradation of moraines further to the last glaciation, during the successive retreats of the glaciers which were there between -10000 and -80000 years.
Finally, it’s the arrival to the village ; its typical character was protected, and you need to walk there to appreciate all its charm. The landscape surrounding is magnificent, and multiple walks are to be planned to discover it.
Evolene arrivee

By Toyliri (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

Evolene maison
On Monday, we’ll show you one of the most extraordinary places of Switzerland : good weekend !