Little wildcats

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We caught a birdie !

RIP poor bird

Zorro the wildcat

Sorry for the blurry photos : Claire did her best from the balcony !
Breaking news : we received several proposals to Monday’s riddle :
– another cat or a badger : impossible, the garden is enclosed well
– a squirrel : we have never seen one here, they are rather in place where there are more trees
– a sconse, an opossum or a raccoon : these aren’t any in Switzerland

And here is the answer : in spite of his surprised air and his innocent answer, the one who put his very dirty feet on the white wall, it’s Zorro !

22 thoughts on “Little wildcats

  1. Sammy

    Well I never would have thought those prints were kitty paw prints but that shows you I’d be a terrible wildlife “tracker”!! BRAVO on catching the snack too!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….grate job on puttin yur ….paw toe graff …..on de gardin wall; but for de love of all cod & then sum …….we beg oh ewe…due KNOT….eat that burd ~~~~~~~~~


  3. Layla Morgan Wilde

    Better than any cat toy ;-). Like it or not this is what cats are hardwired to do: hunt. I try to save as many as I can from Odin, the master hunter but did see some feathers the other day.

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