At the veterinarian

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ZORRO : We are beautiful and healthy. It’s not us who says that, it’s the veterinarian.

On Tuesday morning, we went to the veterinarian for our annual visit : as you can see, we were delighted.
in the PTU
Mr Burnand checked us from every angle (yes, he looked there also !) ; we are grateful to him, because he did not consider to play with his thermometer … He dewormed us, and weighed us : I weigh 5,4 kg (11,9 lb) and Pixie 3,4 kg (7,5 lb). We have magnificent eyes, quite clean ears, dense and silky hair, no fleas, in brief, we are beautiful and healthy.
He found that I had lost 100 grams since the last visit, what is very well, and that’s where Claire dropped her small bomb :
– They eat raw since 3 months…
– And what do you give them ? simply asked the veterinarian.
Claire explained the fleshy bones, the giblets, etc, etc….
– Ah, that’s all good ! said the veterinarian. It’s important to give also bones and cartilages, they need it. They should not eat only steak !
Claire was over the moon : she had heard a lot about veterinarians who were fiercely against Raw Feeding. She enjoyed that ours is also favorable to this feeding mode, as far as it is done correctly and in a well-balanced way.
The only concern of the veterinarian was that we could have too much vitamin A, what would be bad for our joints. According to him, it is not necessary that we eat liver every day.
It’s a feeding mode that is respectful of the needs of your cats, he added, and close to what your cats could eat in nature, but it’s a little longer to prepare than a can…
Claire answered that that take her only half an hour a week to prepare our portions for 7-8 days.
preparation raw food
– You are someone organized ! said Mr Burnand.
We didn’t dare to tell him that Claire had to have an additional gene for that, because we were afraid that he keeps her to run some tests !

35 thoughts on “At the veterinarian

  1. easy rider

    yay for your vet!!! a lot vets are anti and say “kibble has everything they need”. but more and more vets think different now :o) think that’s a good way to keep our pets healthy :o)

  2. Hannah and Lucy

    Hannah and Lucy don’t like raw meat and quite frankly I can’t bear to touch uncooked meat so we don’t think that raw is a subject that delights any of us here!

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie & zorro !!! YAY !!! total lee grate nooze inn deed, we R happee yur chex up
    wented sew well { good nooze bout de thermometer two 🙂

    N joy yur raw, happee fryday & heerz two a yellowtail catfish kinda week oh end ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

  4. Dragonheart, Merlin, and Devi

    We are glad to hear you are healthy and of course you are beautiful too!
    Some vets are definitely leery of raw food, but some are quite accepting. If it wasn’t for Merlin’s cancer, we would still be on raw, but our mom was never brave enough to make it herself!

    1. The Swiss Cats

      Claire take our food out of the fridge half an hour before meal time, and we eat it at room temperature. You should not warm raw food in the microwave ! You can eventually add warm water to help to warm the food quicker. Purrs

  5. Timmy Tomcat

    Mom Claire really takes excellent care of you both. Dad tried to get us on raw years ago but we were fighting it. He says the day is coming to again try to feed us raw.
    Thank Mew for coming to my birthday pawty. Hope you had a good time. Toby and Einstein really liked when you… Oh mom may be reading. Meow later

  6. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    We are so glad that your vet gave you a clean bill of health! That is always a good thing. It is also awesome that he is supportive of your raw diet.
    Also, thank you so much for your kind words of love and support on Milton’s memorial post today, and in your Facebook message. We appreciate it more than you know <3

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