Why does your cat cough ?

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Last Friday, in the evening, Claire heard me coughing : that didn’t last for a long time, just a coughing fit. As I didn’t seem to feel sick, she kept an eye on me (…and forgot to turn the iPhone for filming me…).

The weekend took place normally : I played with Zorro, he pursued me, I pursued it, I ate well, I came to cuddle, I mewed to say that I wanted to play with Claire or Momo, in brief, as usual. Except that I had a small coughing fit 5 or 6 times a day.

As that didn’t pass, Momo went on Monday morning with me to the vet. He said that I was very quiet in the car : it’s true, I did not even sing ! I’ve been brave : the veterinarian auscultated me, put his thermometer where the sun never shines, and to finish gave me a cortisone shot, without I protest. My humans have to give him news about me on Monday.

Why does your cat cough ?

He choked :

A foreign object blocks the trachea, and the cat coughs to expel it. The cough is strong, dry, and repeated. Watch out, according to the swallowed object, the damages in the trachea or in the larynx can be considerable !

He caught a mild virus :

That’s right, it happens ! But a mild virus can evolve in graver affection if it’s not looked after.

He has asthma :

An allergic sensibility can start an acute reaction. Asthma can also be chronic. The treatment with corticosteroids can be undergone in the long term.

He has a bronchitis :

The cough is frequent, strong and deep. The bronchitis requires an antibiotic treatment.

He has a pneumonia :

The cat is apathetic, often feverish, and his breath aches. The cough is weak and rare. Even treated, a pneumonia often leaves respiratory aftereffects for life. A veterinary treatment is necessary urgently.

He has a broncho-pneumonia :

The symptoms combine those of the bronchitis and the pneumonia. Cardiac, hepatic and renal complications are to be planned if left untreated. Even treated, a broncho-pneumonia leaves respiratory and cardiac aftereffects.

He has a pleurisy (breach of lungs enveloppe) :

The cat is apathetic, the breath is short and painful, and the cough very weak. A veterinary treatment is necessary urgently.

He has coryza :

The cat is apathetic, feverish, and doesn’t eat. He has runny eyes and runny nose, he sneezes or sometimes coughs. This disease is mortal : antibiotics relieve, but the cure of the cat depends a lot of his age and his immune system (adults have a better prognosis). Vaccination is the best protection against this disease.

He has parasites (aelurostrongylus) :

A snail or a slug eats the larvas of the parasite, a bird eats the infested snail, the cat eats the bird, and the parasite settles down in the lungs of the cat. The cough is dry. Medicine allows to eliminate worms.

Pixie recovering from coughing
In every case, cough is a warning, and the cat must be examined by a veterinarian ; the weaker it is, the deeper the breach is, and the higher the risk of aftereffects is.

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  1. The Menagerie Mom

    This is a great, informative post! It sure is never a good idea to ignore a cough, and you’re so very lucky to have such loving humans, Pixie. We sure hope everything is well with you, and we’ll be purring and praying for you!

  2. Just Ducky

    Auscultated? That sounds serous! Mum just told me it means listening to our insides with the cold thing they use. OK, that isn’t so bad, my VET purrson does that too.

  3. mariodacat

    Pixie, you are adorable and we hope you will be okay. Thanks for the very informative post. I have a touch of asthma, but it’s pretty much under control and the peeps rarely hear me cough anymore.

  4. Marg

    Hi Pixie,, hope you feel better soon. That coughing is not any fun at all. That was such a good post with lots of good information. Thanks.

  5. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie…we hope yur vizit two de palce oh eeeeeevil haz stopped yur coff N itz nothin seer ee iz…..sendin st francis’ blessing yur way any way N we hope ya get ta feelin way better sooooooper quik

    heerz two a pacific albacore kinda week oh end ~~♥♥♥

  6. Tootsie

    We’re sending you power of the paw — so hope you are okay.

    And thank you and your mom Claire for your support on our blog post. Very much appreciated as we are so sad.

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