World Environment Day

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According to, « World Environment Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of respecting and doing your bit for the environment. »
world environment day
Wake up, kitties, and spread the word : some leaders in the world prefer immediate profits to the respect of our planet, we have to change it to preserve our kittens and our futur.
world environment day
Go green : on May, 21st, the people of Switzerland voted and accepted to revise the Federal Energy Act in order to withdraw from the use of nuclear energy, to reduce per capita energy consumption and the proportion of fossil-based energy use, and to compensate the loss of electricity production from nuclear energy by increasing energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy

go greenReduce your consumption and reduce you carbon footprint.



22 thoughts on “World Environment Day

  1. Frimousse's Master

    I listen to Espace 2 therefore I heard about the Swiss people’s decision. I am proud of you!
    The Fre nch are not on the eve of taking the same decision. Shame on us!
    Not to mention the Americans, of course… But, California, for instance…

  2. Eastside Cats

    The Swiss people are obviously very wise! I’ve been trying to convince The Hubby that we can make our own cat food, so there won’t be the endless supply of cat food cans to deal with, but as of yet haven’t made much headway.

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie N zorro…..all de profitz in de werld will due no one any good if ther iz …noe planet left……ya noe….N if we may ….R total lee awesum pal St Francis; him is patron saint to animals…and all sew….ecology !!! kewl huh !! 🙂 ♥♥

  4. The Canadian Catd

    Go green for sure Pixie and Zorro. I do my part and bury waste…no land fill for me. We all try our best but I’ll bet there are ways ewe can improve. Hurrah for Switzerland and its great leading ways in going green.


  5. M. K. Clinton

    Sigh…we are hoping that cities and states take it upon themselves to work to save our planet. At least for the next four years until we can make a change in leadership.

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