22 thoughts on “Our little chair

  1. Teddy

    Looks like a perfectly good chair – room for snuggling two together or one all stretched out AND if you’re in the mood – you might even share it with Claire and Momo….maybe.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum

    Purrfect CAT chair Pixie an Zorro!!!
    Let mee ive you a tip: If you go UNDER blamkit; make sure Miss Claire an Momo KNOW you are there,,,or else they mite try an sit on youss’!! 😉
    Been there an dun that!!!
    Mee triess to meow to BellaSita THE Chair iss ackshully mine…. shee CAN use it when mee iss 1) nappin sumwhere else an 2) at nite when shee needss to rub Pain ointmint on her kneess an put bracess on.
    Mew mew mew…
    You both look comfy cozy inn YORE MEW Chair mee frendss!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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