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Why to have an insurance for your cat ?

Pixie50 On June 16th of this year, I’ve been three months old. It is the age from which I can be insured at Animalia.

Why an insurance for me ? Because I am not unfortunately shielded from a disease or from an accident, as everybody, and because the veterinary care can be very expensive. For example, the accident of our poor angel Loupi cost 700 CHF. What would it take place if something happened to me and if Claire and Momo did not have the means to pay my treatment ?

With Animalia, your bean can choose an insurance deductible of 100, 300 or 500 CHF. In case of misfortune, Animalia takes care of 80 % of expenses (after deduction of the insurance deductible) up to 5000 CHF a year, or for an unlimited sum if your bean chooses this option. And they take care of all which follows :

  • my examinations and my care (by a veterinarian)
  • my medicine and other means prescribed to the veterinary office
  • all my vaccines (50 CHF a year, off insurance deductible)
  • my sessions of homoeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy or still physiotherapy (maximum 12 sessions to 50 CHF a year)
  • the transport as a matter of urgency up to a health center in case of misfortune (100 CHF a year)
  • the publication of an announcement if I run away (50 CHF a year)
  • my expenses of pension (15 CHF a day during maximum 10 days) if my bean is hospitalized and there is nobody else in the house to take care of me
  • emergencies all around the world
  • my night stays to the veterinary office (20 CHF a night, maximum 200 CHF a year)

© animalia SA

Of course, it is necessary to warn them at once if we are sick or we have an accident, and to send them invoices when we paid so that they pay off us, but it’s worth it for 7.35 CHF a month, isn’t it ?

And if I don’t need all these services during two years (except vaccination), I have a bonus !

1 CHF = 1.1 $ = 0.65 £ = 0.82 €

Goodbye Loupi

Following yesterday’s accident, it seemed in the course of day that Loupi had also internal hurts at the level of the bladder, the loins, and of the urethra which did not work any more.

We come at the moment to say goodbye to Loupi to allow him to cross the Rainbow Bridge without useless sufferings.

Good bye buddy ! Greet our other angels for us !


Bad day

Zorro :
Loupi has been hit by a car yesterday afternoon. He has bad wounds on the side (peeled skin, raw tendons and raw bone of the leg),  broken canines and crushed tail. There is as a gap between the pond and the vertebra, what could cause neurological problems.

Fortunately, Momo was at home : Béatrice, our neighbor, heard my pal howl, she rushed to collect him, and Momo rushed to make him look.

This morning (Saturday) the veterinarian phoned to Claire to give her some news : Loupi is under morphine because he suffers a lot. He is not apparently incontinent but it will be necessary to amputate him of an end of tail. As we are less than 24 hours after the shock, we are allowed until Sunday to see still how’s that evolve and to decide if these sufferings are worth being lived to continue then a little bit different life of cat, or if the aftereffects will be such as it is better to stop there.