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Summer, winter, autumn

Pixie spent the end of September hunting apples and all kinds of small animals in the garden under my watchful eye.

We went from summer to winter between September and October without any transition: temperatures dropped sharply, and snow appeared at low altitudes before Mother Nature remembered that after summer should come autumn. She therefore readjusted the weather, but the dosage was not yet up to date, as intense rains in recent days have caused significant damage in some areas.

Near us, the Rhone quickly rose by almost 1 meter (3.3 ft): overflows and landslides were to be feared in places, and access to the banks was forbidden. We live in the Rhone Plain, and the risk of flooding in the event of a major flood is real. Fortunately, the rains stopped, and the warning could be lifted.

We needed a good nap to recover from our emotions !

50 shades of grey clouds

It’s really November, and it’s been raining and turning gray these last few days. So I prefer to show you the last beautiful days that we enjoyed about ten days ago.

I first went to my apple tree to look around and see what the neighbours were doing.

They’re nice, even though sometimes their, uh… flatulence makes us jump.

This is my lilac. Mine. If you look closely, you will see my scratches on the front branch.

And I played for a while with Claire : humans, they’re really easily amused !

❤️ We’re thinking a lot of our Californian friends ; we cross our paws and hope that these terrible fires finally stop. ❤️

Fall break

Claire and Momo are on holiday this week, and they are taking advantage of it to prepare the garden for winter, to do some small work in the house, and to walk around as the weather is beautiful (except today, it’s raining…).

Do you see that little green train up there ? It goes down from Leysin, further up the mountain.

The harvest is coming to an end, and the vineyard adorns itself with golden colours.

The little train has reached us, it will continue to Aigle that we see in the distance.

Their walk of the day will also bring Claire and Momo to Aigle, and we don’t resist the pleasure of showing you our favorite castle for the umpteenth time.