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First days of autumn

I hear it’s autumn, but we can hardly believe it : it’s still so beautiful and warm !

We make the most of the garden : this early autumn is like summer, but without the heat wave, it’s even better.

With the mild temperatures, there are still a lot of little critters out there. Zorro is very happy to be able to regularly offer big moths (alive) to Claire.

And you, are you in late summer or early fall ?

It’s chilly

After a summer heatwave and a summery autumn, it’s getting chilly. In other words, the temperatures are more or less in accordance with the season (6 to 10 C – 42 to 50 F).

All the ways are good for a small nap in the warmth : Zorro opted for the radiator, but I prefer the cosy comfort of a blanket.

Claire was very busy these times, and we didn’t have time to visit you. That’s the way it goes … Congratulations, thoughts, and other retroactive wishes for the events of your life we may have missed !

Finally rain !

After 4 months of drought, rain has finally been falling during several days. The nature really needed it ! It was an ideal rain, not too strong and not too plentiful. Other regions unfortunately underwent floods.

Today, the sun is shining again, and Claire and Momo left having a walk again. They didn’t return with many photos, then we present you the magnificent vineyard of Fully which they traveled two weeks ago.