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Time is money

… and we’ll be rich tomorrow, because during the night from Saturday to Sunday, we’re finally going to get back the hour of sleep we lost this spring. Indeed, we change to winter time, our favorite schedule.

The time change is an annual inconvenience that is worth little : the European Union just noticed it, and with a little luck, could decide to change nothing more after 2019.

The big question that remains is the following one : are we going to stay on summer time, or on winter time ?

And in your country, is this issue addressed also ?

If the change didn’t take place anymore, which would be your favorite schedule ?

A summery autumn

We’re enjoying an incredibly hot autumn, and we were surprised that our friends Katie and Waffles already told us about snow while we still collect tomatoes in the garden !

It’s more than 20 C (68 F) during the day. Claire and Momo make every weekend magnificent strolls.

The temperatures are nevertheless very cool in the morning : it’s between 3 and 8 C (37-45 F).

It’s autumn !

It’s apple season !

Summer is coming to its end, but the weather remains magnificent : our humans had an nice walk by the lake via the magnificently flowered waterfronts of Montreux and the impressive castle of Chillon.

The harvest season is not ended, and our apple tree sometimes gives us funny apples, like this one :

I remain carefully remote, because they don’t stop falling !

How is the weather at your place ? Do you already feel that autumn is coming ?