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Happy Mother’s Day !

PIXIE : Zorro, is Claire our mom ?

ZORRO : I don’t know…. What is certain is that she’s not our biological mother, she doesn’t have enough fur ! Afterwards, she takes care of us, feeds us, loves us, so maybe yes, in a way, some would say it’s a bit like a mom to us. Do you understand ?

PIXIE : I think so… blood bonds don’t always make a mom, but heart bonds do, right ?

ZORRO : That’s right. I’m a (ex) mancat, but I was a great mom to you when you came in, remember ?

PIXIE : Oh yes, you even taught me how to hunt, and I keep burying myself under your chest when I want a hug, like a kitten !

We wish a happy Mother’s Day to moms of all sides and of all kinds !