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Who is the mom you celebrate on Mother’s Day ?

Who is this mom you celebrate on Mother’s Day ? Is it your biological mother ? In most of the cases, the answer is yes. But not always. Some children do not know their mother and are adopted. And others sometimes have to break up with a toxic mother: it is difficult, it is brave, and this act is still a taboo in our society. This, it’s the little bit soft-bitter side of this particular day.
Pixie wishes you a Happy Mother Day
A mom makes you feel at the same time happy, loved, confident, and safe. And sometimes, by a fortunate coincidence, an extraordinary person enters the life of one of these children and makes him feel happy, loved, confident, and safe, even if he is already an adult. This, it’s pawsome !

Then no matter her/his shape, her/his sex, her/his color, or her/his species, we wish that you have each a mom to celebrate on Sunday !