I’m free !

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Since Sunday, I can go out again, I am free !

Or almost: Gérard of Sécurité Chats made me a great enclosure at the request of Claire and Momo. He came at first one day to take all the measures, then came back on last Thursday with all the material and a heap of tools.
Gérard planted at first pickets about 50 cms in the ground, then put on long amounts above. He has also screwed some against the house and on the terrace. He placed the sliding door in the deliberate place, then stretched out the net on all the structure by adjusting the horizontal bars to stiffen this one, and by means of a cord to be stretched out on the net. The net is wrapped with every amount. Gérard also strengthened the angles of the enclosure. To finish, he fixed the bottom of the net to the ground by planting fasteners of tent with moved closer intervals. Momo then gave him a heap of papers of all colors, and he left.
enclos8Claire and Momo minutely inspected my park : it is really good work, and the fence is almost invisible when we pass in front of our home.

As my domesticated want to accustom me to go out in the daytime and to stay inside at night, I had to wait until yesterday (Sunday) to be finally able to take advantage of my space of freedom.

What a happiness of feeling the grass under my paws again !


13 thoughts on “I’m free !

  1. da tabbies o trout towne

    zorro…DOOD !!!! very nice work on your enclosure…it’s AWESOM…Gerard did a very very good job..we are sooooo going to tell the food staff around here to get us an enclosure….sure she wont listen, but it’s worth a try…..have FUN ♥♥♥

  2. Marg

    Zorro, that is one terrific enclosure and so glad you can go outside again. What fun to feel that nice grass under your feet again and then come in at night.
    That is such a good idea. Take care.

  3. Oui Oui

    That is a terrific kitty enclosure! We wish we could have one too but we aren’t allowed to put up things like that in our neighborhood..

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