How to handle a cat

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Hug Your Cat Day 2015

Thanks to Ann from Zoolatry

Our humans love our contact ; however, there are some rules to be respected so that this moment is a shared pleasure : choose a moment when your cat is quiet and relaxed, and don’t hug him if he doesn’t obviously want it.



How to carry a cat ?

  • to lift the cat, place a hand under his breast before his front paws, and the other one under his backside to support his weight
  • put him against your body and let him put his front paws on your forearm or your shoulder. The cat has to feel free of his movements
  • don’t hold the cat by force in your arms ; put him slowly down on the ground when he shows that he’s fed up

How to pet a cat ?

  • our favourite places are the chin, the throat, and around ears
  • we also like be petted on the neck and on the back, but not in the wrong way !
  • a caress on the belly ? Caution ! This place is reserved only for some rare privileged persons : don’t try to caress us the belly on the first meeting, because you risk be bitten or scratched

Today, it’s Hug Your Cat Day, but in fact we snuggle every day !
Pixie et Zorro 35

13 thoughts on “How to handle a cat

  1. When the cat is away

    I never lift my cats unless I have to. I have to lift (take them) quite often for their medication, and I want to give them clear signals. I never lift them when they’re eating or snuggling with me. I always give them medical treatment on the same spot – never anywhere else. I want them to feel save on their favorite spots. They shouldn’t neither be afraid to eat nor cuddle with me.

    So lifting is here a clear sign what is going to happen next. Once we’re done with all the medical treatments, I might lift them for positive things as well, but so far this method has worked out for us.

  2. Summer

    My human holds me lots! I have to be held because I am often in public places, so she does this at home too so I am always used to it. Binga and Boodie get handled a lot less frequently!

  3. Athena

    Great post 🙂 I love being held by my mum most of the time. And she hugs me all the time, so every day is hug your cat day for us!

    Purrs xx

  4. Bev Green

    Zorro and Pixie we have different personalities here too…Dinnermintz was a very sick foster back to me three times as a kitten and because of all the meds she was on she does not like being held now..even 8 years on the most we get is a minute..i will not do it as it stresses her out..i have to pick her up to take her to the vet etc and she is not happy..Pickles will be carried all day if i could..Cleo very much the same..Marbles also does not really like being picked i treat each as they like 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx

  5. da tabbies o trout towne

    we iz knot about hugs N due knot like ta bee held troo lee; boomer
    does knot like it coz oh hiz spine; dai$y thinks her furz get messed up…N me tuna…
    well…..sum dayz eye am oh kay with it, sum….knot sew much

    BUT…we all like ta hug R platez when they bee filled with perch !! ♥♥♥

  6. Mark's Mews

    Yeh, we’re lucky. TBT has about 45 years experience on that. But we are lucky. He says he has seen stupid Being grabs and objected. Let’s not even MENTION “scruff of neck”…

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