First Advent Sunday

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We love this period : Christmas is coming little by little. The wait is given rhythm by the candle we light on every Sunday on the wreath, by the pastry made of sweet leavened dough in the form of a man we eat on December 6th (St Nicholas Day), by the Christmas carols Claire teaches to the children, by the decorations that appear almost everywhere, and by the night-illuminations.

As every year, Claire made herself an Advent wreath : we shall light the first candle on Sunday.

20 thoughts on “First Advent Sunday

  1. Raven

    That’s a beautiful wreath. You’re one of the few people I’ve heard mention St. Nicholas Day. That’s when we used to get our stocking filled with an apple, orange, and roasted peanuts. There were probably some other small things, but I don’t remember them.


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