Raw Feeding : chick tasting

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As we explained it to you here, there are several manners to give us raw food : ground, in pieces which reconstitute a prey (meat, bones, giblets), or a whole prey.

A whole prey has a big advantage : Mother Nature got it right, all the nutriments we need are present in adequate quantities. Claire doesn’t need to do complicated calculations !

I am a hunter-eater, but Pixie plays with preys without eating them. To help her understand that the chick is eatable and that it’s not a toy, Claire cut that of Pixie into pieces. Is it going to be enough ?

Apparently, Pixie is not still ready to eat a whole prey…

19 thoughts on “Raw Feeding : chick tasting

  1. Chuck Huss

    I ave trouble getting my cat Chris to eat the ground raw food I give him. At least our other cats like it but I don’t know if they will eat whole prey.

  2. mommakatandherbearcat

    My brother had farm cats for awhile and it was interesting to watch kittens learn what to do with their prey. At first, it seemed like the cats had no idea what to do. Even when my brother would put out bones with just a tiny bit of meat left on them – they’d just lick the bones. It took a couple months for them to learn to rip or bite the meat off the bone. Some never did get it. And others seemed to get it right away just by watching mom. I bet Zorro had no problem filling in for Pixie here 🙂

  3. Timmy

    Zorro did his catch, kill, nom nom nom and enjoyed it! Pixie will take a bit longer.
    We tried raw here and we are very set in our ways and would not eat it in any presentation

    1. Canadian Cats

      Hi guys and Miss Fitz. We agree, we are way too set in our ways to eat raw. We give mom dirty looks when she tries any nonsense like RAW anything.

      Kali and Shoko

  4. Summer

    I doubt Binga and Boodie would eat whole prey. I don’t know if I would – I sure do like raw chicken hearts! My human’s dad’s cat, Smokey, has actually caught her own raw prey – she got a mouse and ate half of it, and left the other half for the humans!

  5. Canadian Cats

    Hi Zorro and Pixie,

    We are totally with Pixie. Zorro doesn’t appear too terribly keen on the idea either. We’re not wild animals, you know. We are dignified meezers and want herbs on our protein and we want that protein cooked.


    Shoko and Kali

  6. Marg

    I think we will stick to the good ole cat food. Sometimes they get some of Mom’s cooked chicken which they love and the outside cats are always catching their own raw food. .

  7. Raven

    It’s wonderful that you have a room where you can toss your prey around to stimulate your appetite. I don’t eat chunky food so whole prey would not work for me. Mom used to get those day-old chicks at her old job and use them to feed birds of prey. Most people don’t realize that male chicken don’t grow up to lay eggs, so they’re used to feed other critters when they’re just a couple days old.

  8. LP

    Wow Zorro! You really loved your raw dinner! Pixie , not so much 🙂
    We tried raw feeding here at one point but no one seemed to want to eat it, no matter how it was presented!

    the critters in the cottage xo

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