All that water ! How to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey ?

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After three months of temperatures around 30 C (86 F), it’s finally cooler : the temperatures fell in a few days from 30 to 18-20 C (64-68 F), and we had rain, a lot of rain, too much rain as here in the area of Graubünden :

However, what we lived in Switzerland is not commensurate with the damages caused by hurricane Harvey.

Several actions are in progress to help animals (and humans !) affected by this disaster. One of the communities of bloggers of which we are a member, BlogPaws, published a list of ressources. We also mobilize for our friends, and we’re going to take part in the action carried out by Dash Kitten in favour of the organization Austin Pets Alive.
How to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey ?
All these organizations bustle to evacuate animals and their owners, get back the wandering animals, and place them in safety. They need supplies, food, and premises for storage or reception. The work to be carried out is titanic, and we are happy to help them thanks to our modest contribution.

❤️ All our thoughts go towards those who suffered from this disaster. ❤️


22 thoughts on “All that water ! How to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey ?

  1. Sammy and Teddy

    We are glad that so many assistance groups are helping in this sad situation…….just as CK said, we wish that more families could keep their furchildren with them as sometimes getting everyone back together again just doesn’t happen no matter how hard you try to find each other. We are hoping soon there’s some progress in getting all that WATER out of there so people can not only get families back together but tackle the clean up and rebuilding! Thank you for helping spread the word.

    Love, Teddy and Mom

  2. Mary McNeil

    We are all praying for Houston and for Graubunden. All losses are devastating to the loved ones ! Thank you for helping spread the word !

  3. Marvelous

    We did send some money to a Seattle shelter where some of the animals that have been “relocated” have been flown to. A furrend of Mommy’s does volunteer work with them. Apparently he has 2 woofies that come up and visit. The Woofies got along well with Queen Penelope…I have not made my mind up yet. Cinnamon scared me so very much, but maybe now that I have met other animals…
    Wow! Stange world, we are having fires, Texas hurricanes and Switzerland floods. The weather is crazy!

  4. easyweimaraner

    we are so sad for all the bad things harvey brought to our friends in the US… but we are glad that shelters changed the rules and it is possible to find a warm and dry place without leaving a furfriend behind…

  5. mommakatandherbearcat

    For the rescuers and those affected, I bet it often seems overwhelming. Every little bit helps though. I can’t imagine experiencing a disaster of this magnitude without my kitties. In the aftermath, we need their love even more and yet so many human shelters don’t allow them.

  6. Timmy

    Thanks so much for helping to get the word out. Dad has been donating to some causes here in the states that are sending support to the flooded areas. We thank Dash for his great work
    Timmy and Family

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