Pixie is full of ideas

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A few days ago, I showed…. creativity: indeed, it looks like that the spark of malice characteristic of the kittens has experienced a revival of activity in me.

Tuesday night, I wanted to check Claire’s do-list: you never know, sometimes she would have forgotten something.

On Wednesday, I gave a solo concert in the middle of the night: unfortunately not many people.

But Saturday, it was unprecedented: Claire and Momo decorated the house for Christmas last weekend, and since the time we were little kittens, we’ve never done anything but play with the tree decorations. As usual, the railing of the stairs was illuminated.

In the late morning, Claire and Momo heard “crounch, crounch!” Because they weren’t in the same room, Claire asked, “Is she eating her chicken neck? “And Momo said, “No!” Momo then asked, “Did you give her a treat?” And Claire said, “No!” They then found themselves in the corridor, under the stairs, just in the right place to see me crunching in one of the LED mini-bulbs of the garland.

Claire and Momo started waving, gesticulating, lecturing me, blah, blah, blah… Result of the races, Momo spent a while swearing and detaching the garland that he had taken an hour to carefully fix at the railing. After examination, it turned out that several bulbs had suffered the same fate: crunching in these plastic bulbs was a bit like popping bubble wrap for me, you know?

I really don’t see why my humans made such a big deal out of it!

22 thoughts on “Pixie is full of ideas

  1. Mary McNeil

    Thank goodness you didn’t eat any of them Pixie ! We guess you have been stifling your calico-tude a bit too much ! Purrs for a safer way to celebrate !

  2. greg-in-washington

    My cat Zeke likes to crunch on those lights especially when they are illuminated! He must be watched carefully and no lights on unless human present in the room! I thought he was the only cat doing that!

  3. Indulgedfurries

    Pixie, you’re a handful and still full of kitten-like antics. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt crunching those lights. I do feel bad for Momo having to take down the festive lights after all his hard work.

  4. BellaDharma an LadyMew

    EEKKK!!! Pixie you gotta NOT chew lite bulbss no matter how twinkly or nice they are…you cuud have been furry hert!
    Mee knowss: Blah, blah, blah…”
    Butt wee all love you an want you safe OKay???
    Zorro iss time to keep a watch on yore over eegur Sistur….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  5. Mark's Mews

    Good thing LEDs are low wattage! Do you not get enough dry crunchies in your foodbowl? We get 6 small meals and 1 or 2 are crunchies. TBT thinks they are good jaw exercise. HAH! We think of them as little mousie skulls.

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