Geriatric Park

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The Swiss Cats present :

Leading role : Claire

Intrigue : an optimistic person in her forties hopes to find an appearance of physical condition by training with a personal coach (we’re in the middle of science fiction, there !)

Behind this catchy title hides in reality a comedy. The most hilarious moments are the ones where the main heroine goes staircases down, bends over, or still when she has to squat and get up.

We were a little disappointed by the dialogues : they amount in “ouch, ouch, ouch”, “mpffff”, or still some swearwords which we don’t dare to write here.

We can however announce you that this typically Helvetian blockbuster is going to count several episodes : we’re gonna have some laughs !

18 thoughts on “Geriatric Park

  1. Chirpy Cats

    After all those squats she won’t be needing geriatric Park MOL.
    We sometimes help the Lady Cat with her workouts by sitting on her back when she planks. Other than that, we won’t lift a weight!

  2. M. K. Clinton

    I realized this week that I have to stretch out my body before it cooperates with me. My knee still says, “no” to much exercise. Waiting for part 2 of your story.

  3. Basil

    Our P.A. wurks out daily, but this week her lower back has been agony – she went to the chiro on Thursday and it was great until she went to the gym last night and started lifting heavy things again! TSK TSK!!!

    Big Sunday Purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  4. Raven

    My folks wish they were still in their 40s (they’re in their 50s). Claire has the right attitude to get as fit as possible now, because it only gets harder as you get older. I often hear my mom saying “I’m too old to be crawling on the floor to get your toys.”

  5. Marv

    My 60 something human moved into a 3 story townhouse last year…where both bathrooms are on the top floor. She says the built in stair master has been good cardio, but I, Marvelous, still wonder WHY she still puffs and groans!

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