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Geriatric Park

The Swiss Cats present :

Leading role : Claire

Intrigue : an optimistic person in her forties hopes to find an appearance of physical condition by training with a personal coach (we’re in the middle of science fiction, there !)

Behind this catchy title hides in reality a comedy. The most hilarious moments are the ones where the main heroine goes staircases down, bends over, or still when she has to squat and get up.

We were a little disappointed by the dialogues : they amount in “ouch, ouch, ouch”, “mpffff”, or still some swearwords which we don’t dare to write here.

We can however announce you that this typically Helvetian blockbuster is going to count several episodes : we’re gonna have some laughs !

What if cats had opposable thumbs

Today, it’s a special day again which celebrates this existential question :

What if cats had opposable thumbs ?

It would be great ! We could open our food cans and packagings without depending on our human (Zorro is quite excited just imagining it), we could open the faucet to drink, we could open the fridge, and we could send texts to all our pals.
Moreover, we already have a pal who has thumbs (but not opposable) : our friend Ernie from The Island Cats !
What if cats had opposable thumbs

In this case, would it be judicious to forgo humans ?

No, of course ! They would continue to be very useful to empty our box, run errands, and be our private secretaries. And who would give us cuddles if they were not there any more ?