Good job !

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For 15 years, we had an old, ugly laundry room that looked like this:

Things got a little better when the kitchen was redone: Claire and Momo took advantage of the presence of the workers to already change some pipes and put tiles on the floor. It was a first step.

This fall, Momo did everything else, and here’s the result.

Not bad, huh ? Of course, he wouldn’t have succeeded without my help and supervision !

Sweet thoughts to our friend Nicole whose sweet Dingle has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Ficelle.

25 thoughts on “Good job !

  1. Cleo

    Dad says “what an amazing transformation!”, but he also said he liked the old one better ’cause it had a certain hauntedness to it that made him think of an old asylum washroom or something. I know, I know, he’s not right in the head sometimes.

  2. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Now if your Momo would be able to travel…like whenb this stupid pandemic is over…he can come here to do a similar transformation of our cellar! We don’t even have plumbing down there…its a dungeon…or so *she* says…

    That is a great job! Bravo!
    I want to come there to try out that fab washing machine:)

    Pixie, you sure are the best boss/fore-lady!! You didn’t need a hard hat??

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