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Good Easter weekend

Grandpa stroke again ! This time, he came back from his trip to Spain with a complete set of tableware that he offered to Claire : a big tablecloth, matched towels, a board, ceramic knives, and linen.
linges et planche
The brand A Loja do Gato Preto has shops in Portugal, in Spain and in France. With all that stuff, we’re already delighted to lay the table for Easter !

By speaking about Grandpa, he needs your help, especially the help of pals who know well the United States : he is soon going to go to New York, Boston, Philadelphie, Washington DC, and Lancaster, and he would like to know if you know stores with very cool things for crazy cat people. Have you good addresses to be given to him ? Thank you for mentioning them in comments or sending us a message via our Facebook page.