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Happy Easter !

It’s been a long time since we gave you any news : too much to do, and not enough time… But we’re fine !

Shortly said :
The work on the house is finally coming to an end. We have shutters, concrete paths, a terrace, and our fence is in its place again : no need of tunnel to access the garden ! All that’s missing is the balcony railings.

We made a point of being very picky eaters and were able to give twenty cans of wet food to our favorite shelter.

Finally, Pixie turned 8 in March.

We wish you a happy Easter !

Happy Easter !

It was a bit chilly at the beginning of the month after a brief come-back of the snow,, and we stayed to play inside.

Momo found it very funny to make me look like a Smurf by putting one of his socks on my head. Humans, they’re so easily amused…

The weather is now beautiful, mild and sunny. We also wish you the same spring season for a very happy Easter.

Happy Easter !

The temperatures are almost summery (24 C – 75 F, which is very hot for the season), and the Easter weekend looks bright. Our ornamental cherry (prunus) is in bloom for Easter, and Claire planted the first salads in the garden.

No family reunion and no Easter meal this year, can you imagine ? Not even a small dish to lick !

But don’t let that stop you from keeping some traditions : whether in the garden, on the terrace or in the living room, we hope that your egg hunt will be a success !

Happy Easter !