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Respect Your Cat Day

Today is Respect Your Cat Day. We asked our humans, what this meant for them.
Respect your cat is….

  • treating him like a cat
  • taking good care of his health
  • meeting his specific needs
  • giving him good quality food
  • providing him a clean litter box (several in multicat houses), enough toys, and enough room to live
  • catifying your house
  • taking time to play with him
  • petting him every day
  • trying to think like a cat to make him happy

Pixie playing with feather toy
Do you have other ideas ? What are your top 3 items on that list ?

Our friends from Pawesome Cats asked the same question to several people, click here to read the answers !

Who hit the jackpot ?

ZORRO : Thank you for having been so numerous to take part in my commentathon ! I received 69 comments on the occasion of my third Gotcha Day ! It allowed us to donate 70 CHF to the Haut-Léman shelter : it’s brilliant ! Paws up !
I also have the pleasure to announce you the name of the happy winner of our giveaway “treats” : concatulations to Pascale ! Your kitties are going to enjoy !

Have a sunny week !
di 21 fevrier

Yum yum ! Treats !

Here is finally our article about the treats we received in the big package of Schulze Heimtierbedarf : they are better some than the others !
Pixie eating a Cat Kiss

Zorro eating a Cat Kiss
Sorry for the quality of these two photos, we did not stop moving ! Claire had difficulty giving us a treat and taking a photo at the same time…

We present them to you here in detail :
Schulze treats
Cat Kisses

  • Tuna 54%, bonito 6%, glucose syrup (corn and potato), corn vinegar, tea extract, water
  • Crude protein 23%, crude oils and fats 5,5%, crude fibre 1,5%, crude ashes 10%, moisture 20%

Kitty Beat – chicken breast meat in cubes – made from fresh chicken meat
Due to particularly careful drying, the natural qualities of vitamins and flavour are preserved. Dyes and artifical flavouring are not added.

  • Chicken breast meat, vegetable protein
  • Crude protein 85%, crude oils and fats 1%, crude fibre 1%, crude ashes 5%, moisture 5%

Chicken breast meat in cubes
Kitty Beat – chicken breast meat with pumpkin and banana in cubes – made from fresh chicken meat

  • Chicken breast meat 77%, pumpkin 7,6%, banana 7,6%, vegetable protein, glycerine, salt
  • Crude protein 60%, crude oils and fats 6,5%, crude fibre 1,7%, crude ashes 6%, moisture 8%

Chicken breast meat with pumpkin and banana
And here is our favorite :

Cat Caviar

  • Shaped bonito
  • Crude protein 75%, fats 3%, crude fibre 1%, crude ashes 3,8%, moisture 13%, magnesium 0,09%, taurin (in bonito) 0,35%

Cat Caviar
Thanks to the generosity of Schulze Heimtierbedarf you can win a sample of each kind of treats ! The giveaway is open to our readers in Europe only.

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