I have all the same to tell you …

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Zorro66ZORRO :

… that I worry about the mental health of Claire. She has no more spatiotemporal mark.

Can you imagine that she mixed the dates of my birthday and my Gotcha Day ? She made me celebrate in February my second Gotcha Day even before having celebrated the first one, and before celebrating my second birthday in August ! Not bad, no ?

Thus, I rectify:
– in February, it was my first Gotcha Day
– in August, it will be my second birthday

It is really necessary to do everything oneself in this house…

24 thoughts on “I have all the same to tell you …

  1. Frimousse

    My Master says he does not think the assistance of a psychiatrist is necessary, for the time being. When she buys , for you, dog food, fish food, or bird food, you’ll have to ring for an appointment at the psychiatrist, I’m afraid…

  2. Hannah and Lucy

    We know what you mean we think our staff is pretty useless but as she doesn’t charge us for her duties so we’re going to stick with her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood…ewe got that rite…..purrsonal lee we keep R own sekrit data base ta rememburr stuff coz if we leeved it to de food serviss gurl……wellllllll


  4. Angel AbbyGrace

    Oh my hoomans can be very hard to understand. But they are only two leggers so we must give them some consideration, since they do not have the supreme intelligence we do!

  5. Marty the Manx

    Face it, good help is just so hard to find. I just hope she knows how to feed you properly and keep your litter box clean to your liking. That is the minimal she can do……

  6. Nerissa's Life

    MOUSES! You sure your mum hasn’t been time travelin’ usin’ whisk technology? Rumour has it that when peeps use whisks, they lose track of the time.


  7. Cathy Keisha

    Claire sounds almost as bad as TW. She remembers my Gotcha Day but never which one. She also misses all my special blogging milestones and aniversaries. What should we do about them?

    Sending healing purrz/love to Loupi.

  8. Sparkle

    My human was sick earlier this week so I missed your post – and I wanted to stop by and let you know I am purring as hard as I can for poor Loupi! <3

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